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  • NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson

    In a first, NASA scientists identify unknown microbes in space

    Science | January 02, 2018 12:20 IST

    For the first time, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have identified microbes in space without having to samples back to Earth for tests.

  • The six Expedition 30 crew members assemble in the U.S. Lab

    X-Mas tree, gifts and 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': How NASA astronauts celebrated Christmas in space

    Science | December 26, 2017 13:06 IST

    The crew also watched "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" during the weekend. Astronaut Mark Vande Hei tweeted a photo of the astronauts aboard the space station enjoying the flick.

  • Germs colonise 17-year-old International Space Station

    Science | December 06, 2017 14:31 IST

    David Coil, the co-author of the study, says that the finding is actually "reassuring" because it is probably a signature of a healthy spacecraft.

  • nasa preparing iss for commercial spacecraft landing

    NASA preparing ISS for commercial spacecraft landing

    World | May 25, 2015 10:56 IST

    Washington: NASA engineers are set to prepare the International Space Station (ISS) for the future arrival of US commercial crew and cargo vehicles.On May 27, robotics flight controllers at NASA's Johnson Space Centre in Houston

  • manned mission to international space station to be delayed

    Manned mission to international space station to be delayed: Roscosmos

    World | May 07, 2015 9:12 IST

    Moscow: Russian federal space agency Roscosmos has said that the upcoming manned mission to the International Space Station (ISS) would be re-scheduled due to the recent failure of the Progress M-27M cargo craft."The programme of

  • nasa releases images of earth taken from iss to mark earth

    NASA releases images of Earth taken from ISS to mark Earth Day

    World | April 22, 2015 15:12 IST

    Washington: Celebrating the Earth Day, NASA has released some of the most gorgeous images and a stunning video of planet Earth as captured from the International Space Station (ISS).As part of its Earth Day programme,

  • iss to get its first coffee machine with spacex cargo

    ISS to get its first coffee machine with SpaceX cargo

    World | April 13, 2015 14:33 IST

    Washington: From "ISSpresso" coffee machine to improving LCD screens, a variety of research is headed to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the sixth SpaceX contracted resupply mission.All systems are "go" for the launch of

  • nasa enters key partnerships for deep space missions

    NASA enters key partnerships for deep-space missions

    World | March 31, 2015 12:01 IST

    Washington: The US space agency has selected 12 Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP) to develop the exploration capabilities necessary to enable commercial endeavours in human exploration to deep-space destinations such as Mars.Through these

  • astronauts board space station for 1 year mission

    Astronauts board space station for 1-year mission

    World | March 28, 2015 10:41 IST

    BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan: Two Russians and an American floated into the International Space Station on Saturday, beginning what is to be a year away from Earth for two of them.   Mikhail Kornienko and Scott Kelly are

  • spacewalking astronaut safe after water leaks into helmet

    Spacewalking astronaut safe after water leaks into helmet

    World | February 26, 2015 6:42 IST

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida: Spacewalking astronaut ended up with unwanted water in his helmet Wednesday after breezing through a cable and lube job outside the International Space Station.The leak was scarily reminiscent of a near-drowning outside

  • boeing spacex to offer cheaper iss crew rides

    Boeing, SpaceX to offer cheaper ISS crew rides

    World | January 27, 2015 9:54 IST

    Houston: NASA expects to save millions of dollars sending astronauts to the International Space Station once its commercial crew programme replaces Russian rocket rides in a couple of years' time, the US space agency said

  • spacex shoots for launch to station rocket landing on barge

    SpaceX shoots for launch to station, rocket landing on Barge

    World | January 06, 2015 7:50 IST

    Cape Canaveral:  SpaceX is making another supply run to the International Space Station for NASA. But it's the rocket's return - not its takeoff - that has space fans talking.Minutes after today's planned launch from

  • wi fi may allow international space station robots to move

    Wi-Fi may allow International Space Station robots to move around freely

    January 02, 2015 11:21 IST

    New Delhi: Robots at the International Space Station may soon be able to move around freely with help from the ISS's existing Wi-Fi.Astronauts have shared the ISS with three small robots called SPHERES since 2006.The

  • merry christmas nasa astronauts say from space

    Merry Christmas, NASA astronauts say from space

    World | December 25, 2014 12:15 IST

    Washington: The stockings are out, the tree is up and Christmas celebrations are on in the zero-gravity nest of astronauts in space.As astronauts continue advanced space research to benefit life on the Earth and in

  • nasa to develop gecko inspired gripping tools

    NASA to develop gecko-inspired gripping tools

    World | December 20, 2014 11:29 IST

    Washington: NASA scientists are working on adhesive gripping tools that could tackle objects such as orbital debris or defunct satellites that would otherwise be hard to handle.“Orbital debris is a serious risk to spacecraft including

  • us launch pad where rocket exploded back next year

    US launch pad where rocket exploded back next year

    World | December 18, 2014 7:27 IST

    Virginia: Despite a massive explosion in October, authorities say a state-owned launch pad at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility should be repaired and ready for testing late next year.Orbital Sciences' Antares rocket exploded seconds after liftoff

  • google glass to enter international space station next week

    Google Glass to enter International Space Station next week

    December 15, 2014 12:44 IST

    New Delhi: The wearable eye device from Google is all set to enter the International Space Station (ISS) for a flatworm study next week.Part of the package to be sent to the International Space Station

  • history created with first ever 3d printing in space

    History created with first ever 3D printing in space

    World | November 27, 2014 11:46 IST

    New Delhi: A new history has been scripted in Space science with first ever 3D printing successfully done in space.The International Space Station's newly-installed 3D printer achieved this feat Wednesday morning ( around 2.58am IST)

  • new crew arrives at international space station

    New crew arrives at International Space Station

    World | November 24, 2014 14:48 IST

    Baikonur: A new crew joined their Expedition 42 crew-mates when the hatches between Russia's manned spacecraft Soyuz TMA-15M and the International Space Station (ISS) officially opened on Monday after a successful docking, the Mission Control

  • crew blasts off for international space station

    Crew blasts off for International Space Station

    World | November 24, 2014 8:12 IST

    Baikonur: A Russian capsule carrying three astronauts from Russia, the United States and Italy has blasted off for the International Space Station.The Soyuz capsule roared into the pre-dawn darkness just after 3 a.m. Monday (2100

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