• floating in space a priceless experience says sunita

    Floating in space a priceless experience, says Sunita Williams

    World | October 24, 2012 12:25 IST

    Houston, Texas, Oct 24: Record-setting Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams has completed 100 days in space and is not missing gravity as she loves floating around, an experience she calls "priceless"."I love being up here and

  • sunita williams colleagues reach international space station

    Sunita Williams, colleagues reach International Space Station

    World | July 17, 2012 21:04 IST

    Houston, Jul 17: A cheerful Sunita Williams and two of her colleagues today successfully docked their Soyuz capsule with the International Space Station for a four-month scientific mission, two days after the record-setting Indian-American astronaut

  • sunita williams blasts off for iss on russian rocket

    Sunita Williams blasts off for ISS on Russian rocket

    World | July 15, 2012 11:01 IST

    Baikonur (Kazakhstan), Jul 15: Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams and two others today blasted off successfully on a Russian spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for the International Space Station. Sunita along with Yuri Malenchenko

  • soyuz carrying russian american and dutch astronauts blasts

    Soyuz Carrying Russian, American And Dutch Astronauts Blasts Off

    World | December 21, 2011 20:39 IST

    Moscow, Dec 21: A Soyuz spacecraft carrying a Russian, an American and a Dutchman to the International Space Station blasted off flawlessly from Russia's launch facility in Kazakhstan on Wednesday.Mission commander Oleg Kononenko and his

  • russian three man crew leaves for iss

    Russian Three-Man Crew Leaves For ISS

    World | June 08, 2011 15:05 IST

    Baikonur, Jun 8 : A Russian spacecraft blasted off from southern Kazakhstan in the early darkness of Wednesday morning to take a three-man crew to the International Space Station.Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov, NASA's Michael Fossum,