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Here's how tech startups managed to grow even during COVID-19 pandemic

Here are few tech companies which saw a large hike with an astounding number of increments in customers even during a pandemic.

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New Delhi Published on: December 16, 2020 19:23 IST
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How tech startups managed to grow even during COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s tech honorees on the business journal’s fast 50 list tend to be the companies working in red hot sectors such as online education, Payment Industry, Entertainment industry, App development, fintech, and Tech-enabled staffing service. The growth rate of the industries is touching their future expectations. Recruitment is going on as they need assistance to meet their consumer demand. This crisis period has brought years of changes in the way these companies deal and work. 

This lockdown has pushed the older section of our society towards technology and its usage. Here are few tech companies which saw a large hike with an astounding number of increments in customers.


Paytm First Games registered 200% increase in user base. This pandemic has no doubt fuelled the growth of online gaming ecosystem in the country. While over the last few quarters, it has grown to over 80 million registered users, currently Paytm First Games has over 25 million monthly active users and from observation now they are expecting to cross 40 million in the next 2 months. Apart from the metropolitan users, they are also noticing users from tier2, tier3 and rest of India. The platform was facing heavy traffic in which Jaipur contributed majorly. 

An amazing thing noticed was the increase in the average age group who were interested in the games like, rummy, ludo and fantasy cricket. Even gaming habits have gone through a drastic transformation as the average age group of online gamers has increased from 18-35 years to almost 18-55 years.


India is witnessing an unprecedented boom in podcasts and it is a country with 22 modern Indian languages and around 720 recognized dialects. The linguistic diversity in India is increasing the demand for the information available on various platforms in vernacular languages. With a growth rate of 33 percent, the vernacular internet ecosystem in the country is thriving.

Khabri has successfully tapped into the growing demand for online content in vernacular languages. This platform has broken the monotony of the issues of discussion. They can offer content varying from news, to mythological series, fun stories, and poems, and even educational content in the local language based on the geography they are trying to target. This is an indicator that podcasts have limitless growth possibilities when released in the language preferred by the consumer of the content.

Conversational AI

In this time of development in the tech companies, two-way communication is of utmost importance and helps the company to grow by getting feedbacks. Here comes ORI which aims to revolutionize brand-customer engagements via futuristic cognitive bots offering text and speech-based services in a profusion of languages. 

ORI is also the Premier APAC Partner of Google and shares an Exclusive AI partnership with advertising groups such as IPG, Dentsu Aegis Network, and Mullenlowe Lintas Group. Segments like travel, airlines, hospitality, banking, telecommunication etc have universally stationed ORI solutions.

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