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Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 9: Gujarat Fortunegiants and Haryana Steelers play out a draw at 27-27

Gujarat Fortunegiants and Haryana Steelers play out a thrilling draw at 27-27 in the match No. 9 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , New Delhi [ Updated: August 02, 2017 21:08 IST ]
Image Source : TWITTER/PKL Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Haryana Steelers

Gujarat Fortunegiants and Haryana Steelers play out a thrilling contest that ended in a draw at 27-27 in the match no.9 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad. This was the first draw of the season five of PKL 2017. Both Gujarat Fortunegiants and Haryana Steelers showed great skill and determination that enthralled the packed audience in the stadium.

Haryana raider Surjeet Singh picks up the 'Perfect Raider' award, while, Surender Nada was adjudged the 'Player of the Match' for showing great defending skills on the mat.


20.57 IST: It's the first draw of Pro Kabaddi League. Gujarat Fortunegiants 27-27 Haryana Steelers

20.56 IST: Gujarat pick up one more point in raiding, it's 27-27

20.56 IST: One more point for Haryana in raiding, they lead by one point. Haryana 27-26

20.55 IST: Touch point for Sukesh Hegde gives one crucial point to Gujarat. It's 26-26

20.53 IST: Time-out for Haryana Steelers! Haryana 26-25

20.53 IST: Green Card for the Coach of Haryana Steelers

20.52 IST: One more point for Haryana in defending, Haryana 26-25

20.51 IST: Surjeet Singh out for Haryana, Gujarat get one point. 25-25  

20.47 IST: Haryana Steelers lead by one point, 25-24 against Gujarat Fortunegiants

20.45 IST: Gujarat Fortunegiants All-out! It's 23-23

20.44 IST: REVIEW SUCCESSFUL! Super raid for Haryana Steelers, they get three points. Haryana 20-22

20.43 IST: Haryana Steelers ask for a TV Review, as Vikash Khandola picks up two points in raiding. 

20.43 IST: Another point for Haryana in raiding, Haryana Steelers 17-22

20.42 IST: One point for Haryana in defending, Haryana 16-22

20.42 IST: Surjeet picks up a point for Haryana, Steelers 15-22 

20.40 IST: Bonus point for Haryana Steelers, Haryana 14-22 

20.37 IST: Bonus point for Gujarat Fortunegiants, Haryana trail by nine points 13-22 vs Gujarat

20.36 IST: Haryana raider out, Gujarat 21-13 

20.35 IST: Haryana Steelers All-out! Gujarat Fortunegiants lead by seven points, Gujarat 20-13 vs Haryana

20.35 IST: Bonus point for Haryana, Steelers 16-13

20.34 IST: Point for Gujarat in raiding, Gujarat 16-12

20.33 IST: Another magnificent tackle from Fazel Atrachali gives one more point to Fortunegiants, Gujarat 15-12

20.32 IST: One more point for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 14-12

20.31 IST: Super Tackle for Gujarat, they get two points. Gujarat Fortunegiants 13-12 

20.30 IST: Point for Haryana in raiding, they are leading now for the first time in the match. Steelers 12-11

20.29 IST: One more point for Haryana in defending, it's 11-11 

20.28 IST: Two points for Haryana Steelers in raiding, Haryana 10-11 vs Gujarat

20.22 IST: It's half-time, Gujarat Fortunegiants lead 11-8 vs Haryana Steelers

20.20 IST: Great defending from Gujarat, Fortunegiants lead by 3 points. Gujarat 11-8 Haryana

20.16 IST: Empty raid from Gujarat raider gives Haryana one point, it's 7-7

20.14 IST: Super Tackle for Haryana, two points to them. Haryana 6-7 vs Gujarat

20.12 IST: Point for Gujarat defenders, Fortunegiants lead 7-4 vs Haryana 

20.10 IST: Toe touch from Gujarat raider on Haryana defender, Gujarat 6-4

20.08 IST: Khandola picks up one point in raiding for Steelers, Haryana 4-5

20.07 IST: Combination tackle this time from Haryana defenders, Haryana 3-4

20.07 IST: Bonus point for Haryana Steelers, Haryana 2-4

20.05 IST: First point for Haryana Steelers, Prashanth Rai picks up the point. Haryana 1-4

20.04 IST: Another point for Gujarat in raiding, they lead 4-0 vs Haryana

20.02 IST: Error from Haryana raider gives Gujarat one more point, Fortunegiants 3-0 Haryana Steelers

20.01 IST: Two points for Fortunegiants in raiding, great start. Gujarat 2-0

20.00 IST: Gujarat skipper Sukesh Hegde starts off the proceedings

19.56 IST: 

19.51 IST: 

19.40 IST: 

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