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Breaking Highlights, Top Alerts of June 26

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New Delhi Updated on: June 26, 2018 18:55 IST
Breaking Highlights, Top Alerts of June 26
Image Source : PTI

Breaking Highlights, Top Alerts of June 26

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Breaking News of June 26:

06:54 pm: Special PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) court in Mumbai allows application ED seeking permission to start extradition of Nirav Modi (ANI)

06:52 pm: Political parties who are now joining hands with Congress for governance cannot support Congress over Emergency as they also suffered in 1975: Senior Journalist Rasheed Kidwai on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:48 pm: We have already allowed Rahul Gandhi to speak for 15 minutes in the Parliament about PM Narendra Modi, but he does not come forward: BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:47 pm: Congress does not allow the Union leaders to speak in the Parliament and accuses that the Parliament does not function: BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:45 pm: People are being duped by everyday new rules and reforms: SP Spokesperson Sanjay Lathar on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:44 pm: Today also there is an emergency-like situation in the country wherein 4 judges declare that the judiciary is in danger: SP Spokesperson Sanjay Lathar on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:43 pm: Congress has completed its term in the country and yet they are supporting Emergency: JDU spokesperson Ajay Alok on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:39 pm: People are discussing Emergency as this was the day when it was imposed in 1975. Congress considers Aurangzeb as their ideal: BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:37 pm: I believe that what happened in 1975 cannot be repeated in the present as there are people who are saving the Constitution today: Senior Journalist Rasheed Kidwai on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:34 pm: Congress has opposed PM Narendra Modi ever since he came to power in 2014, their leaders have still not accepted him as the prime minister of the country: RSS Vicharak Rakesh Sinha on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:28 pm: PM Modi has always maintained harmony with different political leaders, even wishes Rahul Gandhi on his birthdays and he is being compared to Aurangzeb today by Congress: BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:27 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has struggled for the country while he was the chief minister of Gujarat, but he has always come out clean: BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:26 pm: Nigerian National arrested in possession of 3 kg heroin by special cell of Delhi Police

06:25 pm: We are witnessing strong conflicts of ideas between the BJP and Congress today, there is no harmony among the political parties and this is harming the democracy: Senior Journalist Rasheed Kidwai on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:23 pm: Thunderstorm/rain accompanied with dust-storm very likely during next 3 hours over some areas in UP's Azamgarh, Basti, Ambedkar Nagar, Sant Ravidas Nagar, Mirzapur, Varanasi districts and adjoining areas: IMD Lucknow (reports ANI)

06:22 pm: This is no more a fight between the BJP and Congress, this is now a fight between those who want to save the Constitution and those who want to destroy it: JDU spokesperson Ajay Alok on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:19 pm: The country is still under an Emergency, we all have witnessed a financial emergency under the governance of PM Narendra Modi: SP Spokesperson Sanjay Lathar on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:15 pm: People who do not understand the limits of democracy cannot survive in a democracy. Congress should not have compared Aurangzeb to PM Narendra Modi: RSS Vicharak Rakesh Sinha on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:11 pm: The country is aware that PM Modi had made promises to the people at the time of elections, none of them have been fulfilled as of now: Congress Spokesperson Charan Singh Sapra on India TV's special program Kurukshetra   

06:09 pm: People are being killed in the name of religion and the prime minister of the country is not taking any steps to curb such incidents: Congress Spokesperson Charan Singh Sapra on India TV's special program Kurukshetra

06:08 pm: We are comparing Aurangzeb to PM Narendra Modi because incidents as in the past are still happening in the country: Congress Spokesperson Charan Singh Sapra on India TV's special program Kurukshetra     

06:05 pm: The statements being given by Congress leaders clarify that they are not able to accept their defeat in the country: BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli on India TV's special program Kurukshetra   

06:02 pm: It is unfortunate that Congress leaders are making an effort to justify the Emergency and are comparing Aurangzeb to PM Narendra Modi: BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli on India TV's special program Kurukshetra    

05:34 pm: Prerna Raj from Jamui tops Class 10th Bihar Board exams with 457 marks (91.4%)

05:33 pm: 17,58,795 students appeared for Class 10th Bihar Board exams, out of which 12,11,617 (68.8%) students (6,68,505 boys and 5,44,112 girls) cleared the exams (reports ANI)

05:29 pm: Libya unity government urges UN to block 'illegal' oil sales (reports AFP)

05:22 pm: Case registered after 19-year-old girl allegedly commits suicide by jumping off 18th floor of Oberoi Splendor building in Mumbai's Jogeshwari (ANI)

05:16 pm: Delhi court directs DCP crime to monitor investigation in Daati Maharaj rape case and to file status or progress report before the Court every week. Court also directs police to expedite investigation in the case; next hearing on July 3 (ANI)

05:11 pm: Indefinite strike by non-executives employees of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) enters seventh day over pay related issue and illegal termination of two employees (ANI)

04:45 pm: There is no difference at all: Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy when asked if there are differences between him and former CM and Congress leader Siddaramaiah (ANI)

04:43 pm: Harley-Davidson move shows US facing 'consequences' of tariffs, EU says (reports AFP)

04:22 pm: Brexit bill becomes law, allowing UK to leave the EU (reports AFP)

03:58 pm: Fighting displaces 45,000 in southern Syria, UN says (reports AFP)

03:51 pm: Fire breaks out on the second floor of a building in Mumbai, 4 fire tenders present at the spot 

03:45 pm: Married couples complained that their marriage certificates are required at passport office, we scrapped the rule. Some divorced women complained that they are required to fill the name of ex-husband and children of their estranged father, so we changed the rule: Sushma Swaraj (ANI)

03:41 pm: Sensex rises 19.69 points to close at 35,490.04; Nifty up 6.70 points to 10,769.15 (PTI)

03:21 pm: Germany's Merkel says won't get an overall EU deal on all aspects of migrant policy at EU summit this week (reports Reuters)

02:29 pm: In today's political scenario, I have no hesitation in saying that Mr Owaisi is the neo Jinnah. This tactic of instigating Muslims to break away from mainstream is a dangerous one and he is a repeat offender: Sambit Patra, BJP (ANI)

02:17 pm: One should never forget Emergency, Mahatma Gandhi's assassination, demolition of Babri Masjid, genocide of Sikhs in 1984 and what happened in 2002 in Gujarat. These were earth-shaking events that happened in independent India: Asaduddin Owaisi, AIMIM (ANI) 

01:58 pm: One dead after lift falls off a 17-storeyed building in Mumbai's Bandra 

01:40 pm: It is deeply upsetting and against our community guidelines. The co-rider in question cannot access the app. We’ve reached out to authorities to offer info that could be helpful in their proceedings: Uber on woman allegedly assaulted by co-passenger in a cab in Mumbai (ANI)

01:36 pm: Vijay Mallya says has made and will continue to make every effort to settle with public sector banks (reports Reuters)

01:33 pm: We will include the whole story of Emergency in the curriculum. Children should know the reality of that time. That is why the Emergency period is considered to be the second freedom struggle: Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister (ANI)

01:09 pm: US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley to visit India today. She will be on a three-day visit and will meet with senior Indian Government officials, NGO leaders among others (ANI)

12:49 pm: The Emergency was imposed to save the then prime minister of the country, Indira Gandhi. This was pre-prepared six months before the imposition: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

12:47 pm: A number of leaders have struggled during the Emergency 1975 for the freedom of individual, freedom of media and freedom of the judiciary: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad 

12:45 pm: The country had witnessed a phase of cruelty at the time of Emergency in 1975: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

12:44 pm: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad addresses a press conference at the BJP Headquarters 

12:29 pm: PM Modi mocks Congress for finding fault with functioning of the Election Commission of India and EVMs; says this stance result of that party's decline from 400 seats to 44 in Lok Sabha polls (PTI)

12:27 pm: Through Passport Seva app, people can apply for a passport from any part of the country. Police verification will be done on the address you will give on the app. The passport will be dispatched to that address: EAM Sushma Swaraj (ANI)

12:26 pm: I respect veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar ji, he fought for freedom during emergency, he maybe a harsh critic of us but I salute him for this: PM Narendra Modi 

12:25 pm: The country knows about how the famous singer Kishore Kumar was boycotted from radio by Congress, such was the height of their ego: PM Narendra Modi in Mumbai

12:23 pm: When Congress and particularly "this family" feels that power is slipping out of their hands, they try to create fear in the country that only they can rule: PM Narendra Modi in Mumbai

12:18 pm: There has been no difference in the ideologies of Congress, since the time of Emergency till today. They challenge the verdicts of the Supreme Court at present: PM Narendra Modi in Mumbai

12:16 pm: Those who speak of protecting the Constitution turned the country into a jail for the sake of "one family" by imprisoning prominent opposition leaders during Emergency: PM Modi 

12:15 pm: Black Day organised to mark 43rd anniversary of Emergency, not just to criticise Congress for the sin of attacking Constitution but to create awareness about its perils: PM Modi in Mumbai (PTI)

12:14 pm: Those who brought the Emergency phase in 1975 are the ones who are trying to save their chair today. They allege that the country is going through a bad phase and that they are the only ones who can save the nation: PM Narendra Modi in Mumbai

12:11 pm: Nobody would have ever thought that the then leaders of the country will register such a day in history, that they will misuse the Constitution: PM Narendra Modi in Mumbai

12:09 pm: The youth of the country might not be aware about the condition of the nation at the time of Emergency: PM Narendra Modi in Mumbai

12:07 pm: We should keep reminding ourselves about the dedication for democracy, the feeling to sacrifice ourselves for the nation: PM Narendra Modi in Mumbai 

12:05 pm: We aim to create awareness among the youth of the country today: PM Narendra Modi in Mumbai

12:02 pm: Tamil Nadu govt to move call attention motion in assembly today on Centre's dam safety draft bill 2018, following CM's letter to PM Modi stating that objections which were raised by late Jayalalithaa had not been addressed (ANI)

11:59 am: PM Narendra Modi addresses BJP workers in Mumbai

11:50 am: PM Modi asks AIIB to expand its loan book by 10 times to USD 40 billion by 2020 and USD 200 billion by 2025 (PTI)

11:48 am: Malankara Orthodox Church in Kerala suspends five priests after a man complained that his wife was sexually abused by them (ANI)

11:46 am: A New India is rising. Now, India stands on the pillars of economic opportunity for all, knowledge economy, holistic development, and futuristic, resilient and digital infrastructure: PM Narendra Modi at meeting of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Mumbai

11:31 am: Govt is firmly committed to the path of fiscal consolidation. Government debt as percentage of GDP is consistently declining. India has achieved a rating upgrade after a long time: PM Narendra Modi at meeting of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Mumbai 

11:29 am: India is one of the most investor-friendly economies. Investors look for growth and macro-economic stability. They want political stability and a supportive regulatory framework to ensure protection of their investment: PM Modi at meeting of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

11:21 am: I believe that India and AIIB are both strongly committed to making economic growth more inclusive and sustainable. In India, we are applying novel Public Private Partnership models, Infrastructure Debt Funds, and Infrastructure Investment Trusts to fund infrastructure: PM

11:18 am: PM Narendra Modi addressing the Third Annual Meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

11:13 am: Aircel Maxis case adjourned till tomorrow (ANI)

10:20 am: Emergency, which is darkest period of Indian democracy, should be a part of curriculum so that present generations get to know what was Emergency. How it was imposed? Why it was imposed? We have to educate the people on it: Venkaiah Naidu, Vice-President. (25.6.2018)

09:48 am: PM Narendra Modi arrives in Mumbai, he would be attending the annual meeting of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and will also address party workers later

09:45 am: Heavy rain lashes parts of Gujarat; Visuals of water-logging from Aravalli districts' Dhansura village.

09:37 am: On behalf of the people of Seychelles & the govt, I would like to say thank you to India. We will always be a faithful friend & partner to India. Long live our healthy relations: Danny Faure, President of Seychelles

09:35 am: Aurangabad: A woman has been arrested on charges of killing her 10-month-old son. The infant's body was found in a water-filled drum outside her house. Police says, 'She killed her son because she wanted a girl child. She has been charged under section IPC 302'

09:23 am: EAM Sushma Swaraj hands over a Dornier aircraft to Seychelles President Danny Faure at Palam Technical Area in Delhi. MoS MEA General VK Singh also present

09:20 am: Jagdalpur: A family alleges that they lost their 19-year-old son due to negligence of district's govt hospital. Victim's mother says,'He had stomach ache.But, doctor said that he needs to be operated. Doctor performed wrong surgery.We'll file a case against doctor'.

09:16 am: Indian team of Ganapathy & Varun Thakkar win the gold medal at the Asian Sailing Championship in Jakarta

09:15 am: Andhra Pradesh: TDP MLA from West Godavari Nimmala Naidu slept in graveyard in Palakole on June 22 to remove fear from minds of construction workers who are working on redevelopment project of graveyard.Municipal officers had told Naidu that workers were skipping work due to fear

08:44 am: We demand that a MLC and a minister post be given to Republican Party of India (RPI) in Maharashtra Govt. We have always stood by BJP, even when Shiv Sena decided to go alone for 2019: Ramdas Athawale, Union Minister and RPI Chief

08:01 am: J&K: Colonel JV Mahadik (Corps of Artillery) posted at Station Headquarters, Khundroo succumbed to injuries suffered due to accidental discharge of fire from his personal weapon while travelling in a vehicle yesterday

08:00 am: What you say shows your mindset. I am an entertainer. I am focused on my work. He is a senior man, I don't seek apology: Sapna Chaudhary after BJP MP Ashwini Chopra on Chaudhary supporting Congress said 'Congress must decide what is more important to them, winning polls or 'thumkas'

07:49 am: PM Modi to inaugurate third Annual Meeting of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Mumbai today; to address programme on Emergency (Read full story)

07:20 am: Sardar Patel was pragmatist & offered Kashmir to Liaquat Ali Khan (then Pak PM). He told him 'don't talk of Hyderabad, talk Kashmir; take Kashmir, but don't talk of Hyderabad' as Khan was preparing for war & Patel wasn't: Saifuddin Soz, Congress during his book launch on Monday (ANI)

07:00 am: Let us always work to make our democratic ethos stronger. Writing, debating, deliberating, questioning are vital aspects of our democracy which we are proud of. No force can ever trample the basic tenets of our Constitution, tweets PM Modi

07:00 am: India remembers the Emergency as a dark period during which every institution was subverted and an atmosphere of fear was created. Not only people but also ideas and artistic freedom were held hostage to power politics, tweets PM Modi

07:00 am: I salute the courage of all those great women and men who steadfastly resisted the Emergency, which was imposed 43 years ago. Their struggles ensured people power prevailed over authoritarianism and the stifling of civil liberties, tweets PM Modi

06:50 am: Tomorrow at 9:30 AM I will interact with beneficiaries of various social security schemes of the Government of India. I look forward to hearing their inspiring experiences and life journeys. Join the interaction via the ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’, tweets PM Modi

06:50 am: Birthday wishes to Shri @dpradhanbjp, who is energetically working towards transforming the petroleum and skill development sectors. May Almighty bless him with wonderful health and a long life, tweets PM Modi wishes for Dharmendra Pradhan

06:42 am: I'd like to place on record that J&K is an integral & inevitable part of India. No amount of empty rhetoric from Pakistan will change this reality: India during right to reply at UNGA General Debate (Read full story)

06:41 am: 1 delegation has yet again misused the platform to made an unwarranted reference to the Indian state of J&K: India during right to reply at UNGA General Debate on responsibility to Protect and the Prevention of Genocide, War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes against Humanity

04:55 am: 250 mm rainfall was recorded in parts of Mumbai & Palghar while 230 mm rainfall was recorded in Dahanu on June 24 & June 25: India Meteorological Department, Maharashtra (Read full story)

03:00 am: Britain's Parliament approves third runway at Heathrow Airport, reports AP

01:35 am: Fifa World Cup 2018: The Group B match between Spain & Morocco  ends in a draw.

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