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Chinese woman goes partially blind after playing video game on smartphone for 24 hours

She was playing 'Honour of Kings' for a continuous span of 24 hours on her smartphone.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: October 11, 2017 18:59 IST
chinese woman gaming binge
Chinese woman goes partially blind after 24-hour gaming binge on smartphone

Gaming fever proved to be fatal for this 21-year-old Chinese woman. The woman has been rendered partially blind after she played video game on her phone for 24 hours straight, according to the reports. The unnamed woman was playing a multiplayer online game ‘Honour of Kings’ when she suddenly lost her vision from her right eye. She was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with Retinal Artery Occlusion (RAO), a condition which is usually found in elderly people. It is rarely seen in young population. 

However, in this case it was caused by eye strain from looking at the screen fortoo long without a break, the doctors said.According to the woman, who works in finance, it was probably caused by playing the game for too long without a break.

The woman said she had become so obsessed with the game that she would play it after work and all day at weekends. 

"On days when I have no work, I usually get up at 6 a.m., eat breakfast and play until 4 p.m.," she was quoted as saying.

"Then I'll eat something, have a nap and play until 1 a.m.," she added.

"Sometimes I would be so absorbed in the game that I would forget to eat and not listen to my parents when they told me it's time for dinner."

She is still in the hospital as the doctors are trying to save her eyesight, the report said.

"Honour of Kings", a historical battle game, has 200 million registered players in China alone and has been denounced for being too addictive.

We can learn from this incident that excess of everything is bad. While playing online games one should take breaks after every half an hour to mitigate the damage it might cause to the eyesight. 

(With IANS Inputs) 


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