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Roadies Real Heroes Winner EXCLUSIVE: Arun Sharma reveals Rannvijay Singha was his pillar of strength

Roadies Real Heroes winner Arun Sharma opens up about his journey, difficulties, competitors, future plans and how mentors Rannvijay Singha and Raftaar were his biggest support.

Shriya Bhasin Shriya Bhasin
New Delhi Updated on: August 20, 2019 11:44 IST
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Roadies Real Heroes Winner EXCLUSIVE

In search of true warriors, MTV came up with the 16th season of adventure-reality show Roadies with the theme of real heroes. Roadies Real Heroes began earlier this year with an exciting lot of daring contestants and a bunch of gang-leaders including Raftaar, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa and a new one this time Sandeep Singh along with iconic Rannvijay Singha as the ringmaster. The finale of the show took place on August 18 and the name of the winner was announced. Amongst Ankita, Bidhaan and Arun Sharma, it was the boy from Jammu who took the trophy home this year.

Arun’s journey has been exciting. He was the wildcard entrant who came in mid-way and fought with everyone to become the winner. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with IndiaTV, Arun reveals how it was a challenging task to become the winner being a wildcard, his love for Rannvijay and his master Raftaar and his future plans.

Here are a few excerpts from the conversation:

Q- What is the feeling after winning Roadies Real Heroes?

Arun- It is a dream come true. The first feeling that I had when my name was announced that finally, I’ve done it because I started struggling from then audition round. I was already been rejected in the culling round. I got selected in the Delhi audition and got rejected later because everyone said that you were very strong but you are not cunning for the show and might get voted out. Even Rannvijay Sir said that if you will come in this season, you will win it. But I got rejected and it hit me really bad. 

I am a guitarist, singer, engineer, and entrepreneur and I have started from a very small village where I still live. I had all the strength and passion and when I got back in the wildcard, it was emotional for me. It was physically difficult as well because while reaching to the finale, my body was injured. Even in the finale pictures, you can see my back, neck, my hands and my legs were all injured. There was a time when my gang got voted out and I was the one left alone and it was unbelievable. It feels like I have won a dream that can never get accomplished. The moment I won, it was like wow I won it. 

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Q- Was it difficult for you to manage in the show since you were a wildcard entrant?

Arun-There is a feeling amongst others that a wildcard will not win the show along with that everyone had a feeling that we will not let a wildcard win. I had to struggle with all those feelings. It was actually very hard for me, to be very honest. I am a tough guy but this show was very challenging because, after every task, I was getting injured, I was losing my strength and I was mentally exhausting. Because you know for a wildcard it is like you have entered a place where nobody wants you. It feels like you have entered the school in the mid-semester where the teacher doesn’t know who you are and every child has a friend of their own and no one wants to befriend you and everyone has just one goal to throw you out. 

Q- Who do you feel was your toughest competitor?

Arun- I won’t lie but for me, no other contestant was my competition. For me, the biggest competition was survival. I thought that I would come second but I had in mind that I have to reach the finale because what happens this time that your vote-out ends and the people who have control over you ends. After that you can easily play your game, you can show your strengths, you can go against the left out members.

Q- Out of all the tasks, which was the one you thought was the most difficult one?

Arun-  When I came, after some time there was a task when my gang got voted out, I did not want to perform that task because I knew if I did, I will be targeted and will get out. It was actually a very wise decision I took because our gets voted out that day. On the other hand, I felt really bad because as a performer I always wanted to perform but I played smart that day because I felt like if I did this, I would go back home. I didn’t want to face that situation when Rannvijay sir asks you to come by his side and tells you to leave. I survived that day.

India Tv - Roadies Real Heroes 

Roadies Real Heroes 

Q- How was your experience working under your mentors Rannvijay, Raftaar, Neha, Prince, Nikhil, and Sandeep?

Arun- Since I came in the mid-way, I was unable to become anyone’s favourite. My relationship with my gang-leader Raftaar helped me a lot. He used to tell my gang members and ask them to save me and was a support for me. I look up to everybody. Even after the show, I used to work-out with them, eat with them and they look after me like a small brother. But Rannvijay sir was my biggest pillar of strength. He was the only person, at that point even though we didn’t talk much but whenever something arose, he use to defend me. His words used to inspire me that made me believe that he and Raftaar sir wanted me in the show. For other gang-leaders, I was a challenge and they wanted to throw me out because I was the strongest but it never happened.

Q- Now that Roadies Real Heroes has ended, what’s next for you? Are you planning for Splitsvilla or Bigg Boss?

Arun- My main motive is to help my community, my society, and my people. I am actually working with a lot of NGOs in Jammu from where I belong. I want to help a lot of people to work on their dreams. I’ll be going to small villages and working with media sources of my state to connect with these people to tell them my story and inspire them. That is something I am working on. Apart from that, I am into acting now so let’s see what comes up. I don’t think I will work for any reality show but if Bigg Boss makers will offer, I am up for it. Whatever will come in my way and I will feel I am comfortable in doing that, I will accept it. 



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