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Bigg Boss Tamil Day 97: Housemates gear up for finale with bated breath!

Bigg Boss Tamil: Housemates are worried how people will react after the four finalists come out of the show

India TV Entertainment Desk Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: September 30, 2017 16:45 IST
bigg boss tamil grand finale
Bigg Boss Tamil- Contestants gearing up for grand finale

Only one day is left for the most awaited finale of Bigg Boss Tamil. The housemates are biting their nails in excitement while indulging in a serious conversation about Bindu Madhavi getting evicted. Later, they are seen deeply engrossed in a chit-chat session about their experience so far in Bigg Boss Tamil. In the dining area, Snehan starts talking about Bharani and how she felt about being judgemental about him. He blames himself partially for Bharani’s eviction. The afternoon stars with the four finalists taking up the task named ‘Lesa Lesa’ on the account of World Heart Day. 

The housemates are made to write on the balloons what they feel and they cut the string to let the balloon fly away. Another task named ‘Freeze and Release’ was also assigned by Bigg Boss. All the housemates were frozen. The same person who entered during a similar task previously enters the house and smears cake on each and every contestant. Just when he is about to leave the house, the housemates rush to him and reciprocate what he did to them. 

In the evenings, the housemates are talking about their journey in the Bigg Boss Tamil so far in the confession room. Snehan had an emotional breakdown while sharing his thoughts. Afterwards, while the contestants are lazing off, they are frozen and two men enter the house playing ‘thara thappatai’. When the housemates are release, they break off into a celebration, dancing to the music. 

Snehan is a lover of poetry and he never spares a chance to showcase his talent. He shares a poetry he wrote about their journey in Bigg Boss Tamil. Other housemates join him while thanking Bigg Boss for such a wonderful experience. Later, the housemates are given a task called ‘autograph’. Each contestant is given a t-shirt and housemates are asked to write their message on each other’s t-shirt. This reminded the viewers of their college farewells when t-shirt scribbling was a thing. 

On the 97th Day, Snehan and Aarav are talking about staying in Bigg Boss for 100 days. Later, while making lunch, they are very tired with the tasks and are not able to get enough sleep. They start talking about stealing the diamond task and Bindu eats chillies, garlic and bitter gourd task. 

Snehan is worried how people will react once the four finalists come out after the grand finale. 

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