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Simmba Movie Review: This Ranveer Singh starrer is an old wine in new bottle, though entertaining!

Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan's Simmba is getting a solo release today. Let's see how the film fares among the Indian audience.

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New Delhi Updated on: December 28, 2018 13:58 IST
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Simmba Movie Review LIVE Updates: Will this Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan film break records? 

Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan's film Simmba is all set to release today. With so many Bollywood biggies disappointing the audience this year, it's crucial to know whether this Rohit Shetty's masala entertainer manage to impress the audience, who is left with a bad aftertaste after so many disappointing Bollywood films. Directed by the king of family entertainers, Simmba is expected to open at Rs 20 crore at the box office, citing that it's a non-festival working Friday. However, the numbers are expected to rise during Weekend as it's the last week of the year 2018. Following the New Year festivity and holiday season, Ranveer Singh's Simmba is expected to rake in moolah at the box office. As far as the early reviews are concerned that are coming from the gulf, most of the people and film critics are impressed with the film. Let's see how Simmba fares among the Indian audience. 

Simmba Movie Review:

12:44 pm: It is an old wine in new bottle ! India TV gives 2.5 out of five stars. 

12:38 pm: Was there a hint of sequel at end? For this you have to come to theatre .

12:30 pm: Devgn's deadpan look and dialogue delivery style as Singham will make you nostalgic . Simmba has a social message wrapped in a solid mass entertainer form.

12:20 pm: As we witnessed a different treatment to the climax in Rohit Shetty's Singham, similarly, expect something unexpected from Simmba's climax treatment. You wouldn't like to blink your eyes post Ajay Devgn aka Singham's entry.

12:10 pm: The film written with dramatic elements in the story offers nothing special as we already mentioned. It is so much of drama that we have already seen before.

12:00 pm: We can say that the screenplay of Rohit Shetty's directorial Simmba is crisp, however, Simmba has nothing new to offer to its audience.

11:55 am: In the film, the courtroom drama enfolds and it is too loud. Such drama seemsto be influenced by Sunny Deol starrer Damini film.

11:39 am: The film touches the aspect of women empowerment.

11:15 am: Interval, finally! Rohit Shetty's film promises high-octane action sequences in the second half

11:00 am: Simmba is orphan, hence, he seeks love from strangers. He finds love in Sara Ali Khan. 

10:45 am: The film starts picking up pace after an hour .

10:30 am: Less dialogues more one-liners-This is Simmba's style.

10:25 am: Simmba is Ranveer Singh in real life, always high on energy. Sonu Sood's acting is subtle and impressive.

10:16 am: Everything is bit over in this film..even Ranveer's acting! 

10:05 am: Don't think he is Robinhood because he is not..Simmba wants love and his one and only love is money. 

10:00 am: Simmba is fearless and you get a glimpse of that in the beginning. He is ready to take panga with even deadliest of goons. Ranveer Singh's entry is extravagant and colourful.just like Rohit Shetty's sshytle

09:55 am: Aala re aala simmba aala re. Revisit Singham with Ajay Devgn! Flashback story gives you 70s wala feel. The background score is loud giving us typical Rohit Shetty feels! 

09:45 am:  Simmba has been receiving positive reviews from the audience who has watched the early shows of this Ranveer Singh starrer. 

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