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India TV Chunav Manch on Gujarat Polls: Gujarat safest state for Dalits, says BJP president Amit Shah

The landmark India TV's mega election conclave 'Chunav Manch' unofficially marks the commencement of a hugely anticipated high-decibel campaigns by all major political parties in Gujarat.

Edited by: India TV News Desk, Ahmedabad [ Updated: October 15, 2017 23:22 IST ]
Amit Shah speaks to Rajat Sharma during India TV Chunav
Amit Shah speaks to Rajat Sharma during India TV Chunav Manch conclave

As Gujarat is gearing up for Lok Sabha elections 2017, Ahmedabad the nerve centre of the state today hosted India TV Chunav Manch, channel's flagship election conclave.

Top line political leaders present in the event included BJP president Amit Shah, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, former chief minister Shankersinh Vaghela, Arjun Modhwadia and young social activist Hardik Patel.

The landmark mega election conclave unofficially marked the commencement of a hugely anticipated high-decibel campaigns by all major political parties in Gujarat.

Here are the highlights of the event:

India TV's Chunav Manch​'s 11th session with BJP president Amit Shah 

9:34pm: No place for any third party in Gujarat. The fight is between the BJP and the Congress, says Amit Shah 

9:33pm: Development will increase two to four fold under the leadership of Rupaniji and Patelji. I appeal to the people to give blessings to PM Narendra Modi and help him to take Gujarat ahead on the path of development: Shah 

9:30pm: Gujarat has emerged an investement destitation in the world. Modiji should be credited for this and he has blessings of all Gujarati people: Amit Shah 

9:28pm: Gujarat safest state for Dalits, says Amit Shah. The BJP chief slams Congress for putting up the wrong facts in public domain 

9:27pm: The statue of Sardar Patel is a matter of pride for us, says Amit Shah. "People of Gujarat will show mirror to Congress for insulting Sardar Patel". 

9:26pm: Amit Shah accuses Congress of insulting Sardar Patel. "The Nehru-Gandhi family insulted Sardar Patel".

9:24pm: We are hopeful of forming a government with more than 150 seats: Amit Shah 

9:22pm: Modiji as the Prime Minister of the country has provided all help to Gujarat: Amit Shah 

9:19pm: Amit Shah slams Rahul Gandhi, says "we don't play politics over religion". 

9:18pm: Why so much noise over Piyush Goyal speaking about Jay Shah? Piyush Goyal appeared before the media as a BJP leader and as a Union Minister: Amit Shah 

9:16pm: All loans and interests were paid. No misuse of power ... no corruption: Amit Shah

9:14pm: Rahul Gandhi is unaware about the difference between turnover and profit, says Shah 

9:13pm: My son has filed Rs 100 crore defamation and criminal defamation against Rahul Gandhi. The one who is honest, will only file criminal defamation, says Shah

9:11pm: Vikas unke liye mazak hai, vikas hamare liye mizaz hai (Development is a matter of joke for them, but for us it is priority) 

9:11pm: Demonetization benefited all, says BJP president Amit Shah 

9:10pm: Law and order situation is Gujarat is fully under control and that is why the is flourishing today, says Shah

9:10pm: GST will give a push to the Indian economy, says BJP chief 

9:08pm: The GST Council have made various changes to ease the business process: Amit Shah 

9:07pm: Amit Shah says economy in right direction, slams erstwhile UPA government policies 

9:05pm: More than 9 crore people were benefited from the Mudra yojana, says Shah 

9:03pm: BJP will win 3/4 seats in the upcoming polls, claims Amit Shah 

9:02pm: Our government is providing 24*7 electricity in the state, says BJP president 

9:01pm: Amit Shah questions Rahul Gandhi over development in his Lok Sabha constituency Amethi 

# Peace and prosperity prevailed during BJP government renure in Gujarat: Amit Shah 

9:01pm: The Congress government in the state had deliberately stalled the Narmada project. When the BJP formed the government, we started the work on the project: BJP chief 

9pm: People of Gujarat know about the transformations undertaken by BJP government: Amit Shah 

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India TV's Chunav Manch​'s tenth session with Jeetu Vaghani, Bharat Singh Solanki and Zafar Sareshwala

8:18 pm: Gayatri Mantra and Sure Fatya are one, then why there are so many differences: Zafara Sareshwala

8:15 pm: Rahul Gandhi doesn't know how to seek God's blessings, how to bow head in front of God: Jeetu Vaghani

8:12 pm: Agar vikas pagal ho gaya hai, then what alternative do you have: Zafar Sareshwala asks Bharat Singh Solanki

8:10 pm: Congress has been telling lies to the people of Gujarat since 1995, says Jeetu Vaghani

8:09 pm: This politics of temple and moque will not work: Zafar Sareshwala

​8:08 pm: We respect all religions, we have fought for the freedom of the nation: Bharat Singh Solanki 

8:07 pm: PM Modi visits one mosque, Rahul Gandhi visits 14 temples: Zafar Sareshwala

8:06 pm: If two Hindus compete, we will favour the one who is real: Zafar Sareshwala 

8:05 pm: Congress should tell its development model to the people: Zafar Sareshwala

8:05 pm: Wherever Rahul Gandhi goes, Congress looses: Zafar Sareshwala

8:04 pm: We never said we will hold Gujarat polls along with UP: Jeetu Vaghani

8:03 pm: Rahul Gandhi is a 'pravasi panchhi', has been rejected even by God: Jeetu Vaghani

8:02 pm: Narendra Bhai and Amit Bhai visit temples whenever they visit Gujarat: Jeetu Vaghani  

8:01 pm: BJP visits temlples only for votes, says Solanki

8:00 pm: Temples are not BJP's private property: Bharat Singh Solanki

7:58 pm: We respect all religions and Rahulji visiting temples is a matter to feel proud: Bharat Singh Solanki

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India TV's Chunav Manch​'s ninth session with Randeep Surjewala

7:48 pm: Nation which was at 54th position in 2014, Modiji brought it down to 100th rank in hunger index: Randeep Surjewala

​7:47 pm: If even one Indian sleeps empty stomach, it should affect the Centre sitting in Delhi: Surjewala 

7:36 pm: Businesses in Gujarat have been spoiled under the BJP, says Randeep Surjewala

​7:33 pm: Only bhashan, no shasan won't work anymore, says Randeep Surjewala

​7:31 pm: Rahul Gandhi never showed arrogance: Surjewala

​7:30 pm: Congress won the 2009 elections with Rahul Gandhi's advertisement: Randeep Surjewala

​7:28 pm: Worshiping religion and visiting temples is everyone's right: Randeep Surjewala

7:27 pm: If Rahul Gandhi or any other leader visits temples, what is the problem: Randeep Surjewala 

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India TV's Chunav Manch​'s eighth session with Patel quota stir leader Hardik Patel

7:19 pm: If I have insulted the national flag, why did BJP withdrew the sedition case against me: Hardik Patel

7:18 pm: 2017 election is not between BJP and Congress, it is between BJP and state's distressed farmers, businessmen and others: Hardik

7:11 pm: BJP has been resorting to felony in these 22 years, says Hardik Patel

7:09 pm: Will even oppose Congress if they don't pay attention to our demands: Hardik

7:08 pm: Neither I am a servant of Congress, nor BJP: Hardik Patel

7:05 pm: I do not stand by any form of violence, but I want the demands to be fulfilled, says Hardik Patel

7:05 pm: We have to defeat BJP anyhow: Hardik Patel

7:03 pm: When Pm Modi can meet Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan, why can't I welcome Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat: Hardik

7:02 pm: BJP forces baton-charge on the poor farmers of Gujarat: Hardik

7:01 pm: If police acts, then there will be a reaction for the same: Hardik

7:01 pm: If I was wrong, thousands of people wouldn't have supported me: Hardik

7:00 pm: I am son of a farmer, that's why people assume my language rude: Hardik

6:58 pm: We have put forward our demands for the good of people of Gujarat, says Hardik Patel

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India TV's Chunav Manch​'s seventh session with NCP leader Praful Patel

6:48pm: Rahul Gandhi visiting temples a political stunt, says Praful Patel 

6:39pm: BJP is our pricipal opposition party in the upcoming election, NCP's Praful Patel on with whom it will join the ranks if it bags 20 seats 

6:38pm: Ready to lead the NCP from front if we get the numbers, says Praful Patel 

6:36pm: People want an alternative, they are not ready to accept the Congress and the BJP. When the BJP can storm to power, which had once only 2 MPs, why can't NCP? Praful Patel 

6:34pm: We were with Congress in Centre for 10 years just to keep BJP out of power. We shared power with Congress in Maharashtra only to keep BJP out of power: Praful 

6:33pm: We played the role of younger brother with Congress, and thus we are very limited now: Praful Patel 

6:33pm: Congress is branding NCP as the B team of BJP. Congress failed to remove BJP from Gujarat. NCP contesting against BJP in Gujarat: Praful 

6:30pm: Wrong to slap sedition charge on Hardik Patel. He has right to express his views, says Praful Patel 

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India TV's Chunav Manch​'s sixth session with Jay Narayan Vyas and Shaktisinh Gohil 

6:16 pm: There is internal democracy in Congress, which is not there in any other party, says Shaktisinh Gohil

6:11 pm: Amit Shah's claim of winning 150+ seats in Gujarat is over-confidence: Shaktising Gohil 

6:10 pm: What I am getting from a party is not important, important is what my ideology is: Shaktising Gohil 

6:08 pm: Anandiben Patel resigned from the post of CM willingly: Jay Narayan Vyas 

6:07 pm: Amit Shah is a buyer of self-centred people: Gohil

6:05 pm: I have a team of Congress in which may are efficient enough to become Gujarat CM: Shaktising Gohil 

6:04 pm: Shaktisinh Gohil should have become the leader of opposition, says Vyas

6:03 pm: Democracy is not based on how rich you are, but on the work you do for the people, says Jay Narayan Vyas

6:00 pm: There cannot be victory if we do not break the previous records that have been set, says Jay Narayan Vyas

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India TV's Chunav Manch​'s fifth session with Shankar Choudhary, Nanubhai Vanani and Rajendra Trivedi 

5:45pm: During Congress’ stint, the state was under curfew, law and order situation was a matter of grave concern: Shankar Choudhary

5:38pm: Gujarat number 1 state in employment generation, says Shankar Choudhary

5:37pm: The results of assembly polls in recent times is attestation of Modiji’s development model, Gujarat model: Sports Minister Rajendra Trivedi

5:36pm: We have done work on ground, why should we fear? Our policy is people friendly. Gujarat model is an example for others. BJP will retain the power in Gujarat: Irrigation Minister Nanubhai Vanani

5:35pm: I reject Rahul’s allegations that water, electricity are being supplied to only industrialists. Every village in Gujarat is getting non-stop power, water: Shankar Choudhary

5:33pm: Rahul Gandhi has no issue to raise here. Corruption is not an issue, there is a transparency in system: Shankar Choudhary

5:30pm: There is no need to comment on Rahul Gandhi, the entire knows who he is, says Gujarat Health Minister Shankar Choudhary

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India TV's Chunav Manch​'s fourth session with Jignesh Mevani, Ketan Patel and Alpesh Thakore 

5:19 pm: Is demanding alcohol ban a crime? Is demanding jobs for youth in the state a crime?: Alpesh Thakore 

5:12 pm: There has not been an incidence of violence in the past 2 years in Gujarat, says Alpesh Thakore

5:11 pm: We are better Hindus than you because we care of even the smaller sections of the society, Alpesh Thakore

5:11 pm: The govt of India will have to work in accordance with the constitution of India, says Mevani

5:09 pm: Why don't you make a Muslim the leader of RSS: Jignesh Mevani

5:08 pm: The govt should work on a policy that brings the child of a peon and of a PM, on the same stage: Mevani

5:07 pm: Rahul Gandhi may do whatever he wants to, but we will not let this nation be a Hindu-nation, says Jignesh Mevani

5:06 pm: If the govt cannot fulfill these demands, it must at least work towards eliminating corruption: Alpesh Thakore

5:04 pm: The people of Gujarat have asked for better education system and basic amenities, says Alpesh Thakore

5:04 pm: Gujarat is still witnessing Dalit atrocities; this fact cannot be denied, says Alpesh Thakore

5:02 pm: This Gujarat gave the Prime Minister and the Centre. It will not be fooled again, says Mevani

5:00 pm: The farmers wouldn’t have been suffering today had PM Modi fulfilled the promises he made, says Jignesh Mevani

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Chunav Manch's third session with Nitin Patel and Arjun Modhwadia 

3:51pm: BJP playing pity politics over Rahul Gandhi’s shorts remark, says Arjun Modhwadia 

3:49pm: Amit Shahji is our party president, and the decision was taken by our parliamentary board. I have been an MLA since 1990, and it is up to the party to entrust responsibility to me. I am just a smalltime worker. For me, it is a matter of pride to become deputy chief minister: Nitin Patel 

3:48pm: Anandiben Patel resigned on her own, says Nitin Patel

3:42pm: The statue of Late Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel is being built 90 per cent in India: Nitin Patel

3:41pm: The tallest statue of Sardar Patel to be erected near Sardar Sarovar Dam is being built by Indian company L&T. We are only importing some parts from China: Nitin Patel

3:38pm: Arjun Modhwadia questions government over Bullet Train project, says "government not focusing on Make in India, it is giving importance to Make in Japan".

3:37pm: Arjun Modhwadia accusses BJP of ignoring and sidelining senior leaders 

3:36pm: Amit Shah a proxy Chief Minister, says Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia 

3:33pm: Arjun Modhwadia raises issue of the dramatic growth in some of the businesses of BJP party president Amit Shah's son Jay

3:32pm: Modiji has served the people of Gujarat authentic cuisine made in pure ghee, says Nitin Patel 

3:30pm: The UPA government during its 10-year rule did "injustice" towards Gujarat, and this came to an end after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister: Nitin Patel 

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Chunav Manch's second session with Gujarat rebel leader and former chief minister Shankersinh Vaghela 

01:32 pm: We have never cheated the public of Gujarat: Vaghela

01:31 pm: The concept of youth comes from your brain. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi was youth, youth means spirit. It is a concept.

01:31 pm: I told Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, won't become Gujarat CM candidate: Vaghela

01:30 pm: I have given so much to people in my one-year tenure, says Vaghela

01:27 pm: People will decide who will win Gujarat polls: Vaghela

01:21 pm: Today, people are only concerned with what a political party will offer them: Vaghela

01:20 pm: Never asked Congress what benefits will they give me before I joined them: Vaghela

01:09 pm: Referring to his birthday tweet, Vaghela says by ’77 not out’, I meant that I'm physically fit.

01:05 pm: We tried to put Congress on the right path, but ultimately it is the leader’s decision: Vaghela

01:00 pm: Development is when you put in your extra efforts for something within a specified time frame: Vaghela

12:59 pm: What Congress has done for the country will never be termed development: Vaghela

01:05 pm: These days, democracy doesn't exist in any political party, says Vaghela

12:58 pm: We have only given, not taken anything from Congress, says Shankersinh Vaghela

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Chunav Manch Session One with Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani

12:40 pm: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani signs off.

12:38 pm: This is the first time that Gujarat's "Laadla" son is the PM, Gujaratis should help form a strong BJP government in the state too: Vijay Rupani

12:37 pm: It is not fair to compare me with Modi ji: Vijay Rupani

12:36 pm: We have held a series of meetings with traders and we will resolve their problems: Vijay Rupani

12:35 pm: People and traders of Gujarat wanted GST: Vijay Rupani

12:34 pm: There were no discontent among traders before the GST:

12:31 pm: From 7,000 hospitals during Congress rule, Gujarat now has 12,000 hospitals: Vijay Rupani

12:29 pm: We allocated Rs 25,000 crore for education out of Rs 1.7 lakh crore in this budget: Vijay Rupani

12:28 pm: Defections and cross-voting during Rajya Sabha polls was Congress' internal matter: Vijay Rupani

12:27 pm: Congress MLAs knew the party's ship was sinking and that is why they left for Karnataka: Vijay Rupani

12:20 pm: Congress should be open on what challenges they are facing if we are serving the people, because they always oppose us: Rupani 

12:19 pm: We have not used any unfair means in any election, it is Congress' history: CM Vijay Rupani  

12:17 pm: Defecting Congress leaders joined BJP because they believe in our ideology. We have not compromised on our ideology: CM Vijay Rupani  

12:16 pm: It is not true  we were behind that: Rupani on Congress MLAs defecting to BJP 

12:07 pm: It is the Election Commission's prerogative to declare date of election: CM Rupani 

12:07 pm: We are not concerned with the dates of election in Gujarat, we will continue to serve the people and fulfill their demands: Rupani

12:06 pm: We will work till the last day, what is problem in that: Vijay Rupani 

12:06 pm: We want Election Commission to work independently: Vijay Rupani 

12:05 pm: We do not interfere with the decisions made by the Election Commission: Rupani  

12:05 pm: In 2012, the Election Commission had declared model code of conduct as Congress did not want Modi ji to announce any schemes: Vijay Rupani 

12:04 pm: If the fares of some products have gone up, it is our responsibility to provide relief to the people: Vijay Rupani on reduction on tax on petrol, diesel 

12:03 pm: In last GST Council meeting, the government tried to accommodate concerns of traders: Vijay Rupani 

12:02 pm: PM Modi had said that he will review the after effects of GST and he is doing everything to help people: Rupani

12:02 pm: Traders believe that GST is good for business, there are always issues when a new system comes in: Vijay Rupani 

12:01 pm: It is our responsibility to provide protection to all sections of society: Vijay Rupani 

12:00 pm: Be it Dalits or any other community, we pledge to protect all and provide them with their basic rights: 

11:59 am: I am confident that Dalits will vote the BJP because we have taken action in all cases: Vijay Rupani

11:59 am: Our government has taken quick action in cases of Dalit atrocities: Vijay Rupani

11:58 am: We have not taken back cases to appease Patidars but people-friendly government means we have to find solution together: Vijay Rupani

11:50 am: I can say with confidence that Patidar is still with BJP: Vijay Rupani

11:49 am: We have won over 80 per cent of seats in local elections held in last one and half years: Vijay Rupani

11:48 am: ​Everyone faces challenges but Modi govt has been able to overcome those in a friendly manner: Rupani 

11:48 am: There are challenges, every government has challenges: Vijay Rupani 

11:48 am: BJP has inducted appropriate teachers and faculty along with creating multiple employment opportunities: Rupani

11:45 am: Under ‘Vibrant Gujarat’, PM Modi has provided tremendous job opportunities to thousands of people: Rupani 

11:45 am: We have been able to provide government jobs to 72,000 people, Rahul Gandhi challenges us on employment opportunities: Vijay Rupani

11:43 am: Congress now rules only 5-6 states, Himachal and Karnataka will soon go out of their hands: Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani

11:42 am: Congress can promise anything, they know they are not coming to power: Gujarat CM  

11:42 am: Congress made many inappropriate statements even in the last elections, just to defame PM: Rupani

11:40 am: People of Gujarat know what the truth is and I don’t need to reiterate that: Rupani

11:40 am: Rahul Gandhi had said that only the industrialists are getting the Narmada waters, which is untrue: Rupani

11:38 am: Rahul's immaturity is visible in his statements:  Rupani

11:36 am: I feel Congress's campaign mocking 'Vikas' will cost them:  Rupani

11:35 am: The state gave the BJP 122 seats when Modi ji was CM, people will give more seats now Modi ji is PM: Rupani

11:35 am: Congress cannot feel the pulse of Gujarat’s people that is why in every election they feel they have a chance: Vijay Rupani

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India TV Chunav Manch Session One with CM Vijay Rupani begins

11:30 am: India TV Chairman & Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma begins his opening remarks.

11:10 am: The upcoming episode of "Chunav Manch" series is titled "Faisala Gujarat Ka".

11:03 am: India TV Chairman & Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma shall himself lead the charge to set the agenda of the long eventful day.

11:00 am: During the election conclave, BJP president Amit Shah is expected to lay down the party's agenda for the upcoming Gujarat polls.

10:57 am: Ahmedabad edition of Chunav Manch shall host an impressive set of dignitaries along with nation's and state's top political stakeholders.

10:55 am: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will also answer various questions related to his government's performance ahead of the Assembly polls,

Faisala Gujarat Ka India TV to hosting ‘Chunav Manch’ in Ahmedabad on October 15.

10:46 am: The Chunav Manch programme will be telecast live on India TV throughout the day today.

10:44 am: The landmark conclave shall unofficially mark the commencement of a hugely anticipated high-decibel campaigns by all major political parties in the state.

10:37 am: India TV MD Ritu Dhawan announcing Chunav Manch - Ahmedabad said, "As a leading news channel, our primary responsibility towards our viewers is providing them with rich content together with maintaining a healthy share of original content in our programming mix. We are simply fulfilling our brand promise."

10:34 am: In Gujarat, there will be direct contest between the two national parties, the BJP and the Congress with very little space left for other players like Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

10:20 am: The upcoming elections would be a litmus test for the new BJP leadership in the state as the party will be contesting the elections without Narendra Modi in the driver's seat after a long time.

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