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February 6, 2016
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Another chilly morning in Delhi

IANS [ Updated 03 Jan 2013, 15:00:10 ]
Another chilly morning in Delhi

New Delhi, Jan 3: Delhiites continued to shiver as a bone chilling cold settled over the city and the minimum temperature settled three notches below average at 4.4 degrees Celsius Thursday, the morning after the national capital recorded the coldest day in 44 years.

The India Meteorological Department has forecast a clear, sunny afternoon. However, the evening will be chilly accompanied by icy winds. The maximum temperature is expected to hover around the 13 degrees Celsius mark.

A light blanket of fog enveloped the city early Thursday. Visibility at 8.30 a.m. was 500 metres, while the humidity was 100 percent.

Wednesday's maximum temperature settled at 9.8 degrees Celsius, 11 notches below the average for the season, while the minimum was 4.8 degrees -- two notches below average.

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