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Viral Video: Dog's reaction after getting burger 'smaller' than owner is all of us

A dog got angry at its owner after they gave him a 'smaller' burger. The video may remind one of their own behavior on getting small portions of food.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: October 05, 2022 12:34 IST
barking dog
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/VIRALHOG Dog barks after owner gave him smaller burger

A video of a dog reacting to getting smaller portions of food than its owner has gone viral on social media. The man treated himself to a normal burger but when it came to feeding the dog, he switched it up with a miniature version of the burger. Obviously, he did it to see the reaction on the dog's face, which, let us tell you, was far from friendly. Seeing the dog react to getting lesser food than its owner may remind one of their own feelings when they would be given regulated food portions.

Dog gets angry at owner 

Dogs have feelings too and a viral video is proof of this. In the clip, a dog owner was seated at the table and kept two burger packages, one in front on himself and the other for his doggo. As a prank, the man kept the normal-sized burger for himself but switched up his dog's with a 'prank' miniature burger. The dog's excitement slowly faded away when the content of his food package was revealed by the owner. His happiness went for a toss when he was shown the 'smaller' burger. A happy dog instantly became an angry one.


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Netizens react to viral dog video 

Social media have found the viral dog video quite funny. How the dog turned upset was something that people found to be relatable. It also growled at its owner for 'betraying' him. Expressing how they felt about the clip, one Instagram user said, "He looks really strong. You may wanna fix that asap (sic)."Trade that burger now (sic)."

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