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Viral Video: Bride and groom fight like kids at mandap, netizens say 'abhi se shuru ho gaye'

A video is going viral on social media that shows a bride and groom fighting like kids at their wedding mandap. While many found it funny, others were curious why the fight broke out in the first place.

Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: August 09, 2022 17:23 IST
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/THEGUSHTI Video shows bride and groom fighting at wedding mandap

A viral video from an Indian wedding has left the internet in splits. In the clip, while sitting at the mandap for the wedding rituals, the bride and groom break into a brawl like kids, throwing each other off and even jumping on one another. This has led to a lot of funny comments being flooded on the post as the video continues to go viral on various social media platforms. While people have found humour when couples fight after marriage but this mid-wedding brawl is cracking up the netizens and for all the right reasons.   

Fight breaks out between bride and groom 

The video shows the bride and groom seated for the wedding rituals when they start to get physical over something trivial. Seemingly, the bride moves her hand towards the groom's face to feed him something and fearing a prank he pushes her away. However, the bride charges at the groom and this leads to a fun fight. Things do not get serious as the groom is seen smiling throughout the video. However, the moment is hilarious and will give you your daily dose of laughter. 


Woman tries to break off the fight 

In the video, it is seen that as things get a little too intense, a woman, probably the groom or the bride's relative, intervenes and tries to pull them apart. However, the bride gets a little too carried away and jumps on the husband. Apart from leaving the netizens in splits, the video has generated immense curiosity among all to know the reason that must have turned the bride and groom into fighting like kids, that too on their wedding day. Those present at the venue had a good laugh but could not hide the embarrassment on their faces. 

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Netizens share funny comments on the wedding video 

The video is undoubtedly quite funny. It has got more than 70,000 likes on Instagram after it was shared on July 6. Reacting to the clip of the bride and groom fighting on their big day, one of the social media users sarcastically wrote, "If the beginning is good, the end will be good (sic)." Another one said, "After 2 years this happens usually but for these couples it's happening Early (sic)."

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