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Viral: Dog saves child's life from neighbour's dog, internet says 'he deserves all the treats'

In a viral video, a dog saved a small child from being mauled by a neighbour's dog. Social media has been all praise for the 'heroic' dog.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: November 19, 2022 23:56 IST
viral video
Image Source : YOUTUBE/BEASTEATER Dog saves small child from an attacking dog

A dog is being hailed as a hero on social media after he made a brave attempt to save a child from another dog in the neighbourhood. Dog videos are favourites on social media and the furry one's bravery has impressed many. Netizens are hailing the guard dog for his presence of mind and bravery in warding off a possible deadly attack on what seems be his own family member. Dog and animal lovers have been in awe of this braveheart and are sharing loving comments on social media praising him.

Dog prevents child from being attacked 

In the viral video, a child was roaming freely in the lawn outside his home. Suddenly, the neighbour's dog came with a seeming intent to attack it. However, the home dog sensed something was wrong and quicky intervened. The dog ran from inside the home and quickly came to the child's rescue. He showed intent in defending his little master and prevented an attack from the neighbour dog. Later, the neighbour calmed down his dog and took him inside. The neighbour also checked on the small child and his mother making sure everything was okay. Of course, the dog had it all under control.

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Netizens prise guard dog

Dogs are loyal animals and have a reputation for it. The dog in the video proved this to be correct as he helped save his owner's child from another dog. Reacting to the viral video, one social media user said, "Awesome Shepherd!!!!! He deserves some major doggie treats (sic)." Another wrote, "German Shepperds are the best! Lucky little boy (sic)."


Many pointed out that the neighbourhood dog was trying to play with the child and had no intent to hurt it.

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