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  4. Company ghosts man's job application for 14 years, here’s how he took revenge

Company ghosts man's job application for 14 years, here’s how he took revenge

A man awaits to get a revert from a company he had applied for a job. But after not getting a response from them, he decides to withdraw his application after 14 years and also takes revenge.

Charu Jain Edited By: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: August 11, 2022 16:06 IST
Man taking revenge from a company
Image Source : FREEPIK Man takes revenge on a company that ghosted his job application for 14 years

Many companies take several interviews but hire only a few candidates for the job. Mostly these companies are not bothered to revert to the candidates if they are not selected. Many people must have faced this at some point in their careers. It often happens that after applying for a job role, a person waits for a revert but moves on after some time.  However, this man held a grudge against a company that did not revert to him about his application.

A video of a man calling up a company after 14 years, just to withdraw his job application is making rounds on the internet. The video was posted by a TikTok user ‘Little Slug Company’, who has not received a revert from a company on his job application status since 2008. In the video, he can be seen exchanging a hilarious conversation with the company’s representative and it has gone viral on social media. 

Their conversation: 

AS soon as he connected the call, he told the company’s representative that he wants to withdraw his job application that he made a “ while ago”

The representative replies, “Ok, no worries, what role was it for?" 

“It was front-of-house manager," the man said.

The company representative asked him to specify when he had applied for the post. 

In reply, he said, “2008. You guys made the application process proper long and stressful but I never got an email back so I assumed you're still deciding who to hire,". He also informed the representative that he had got a new job after that and now wants to “withdraw” his application.

After hearing his reply, the company officer asked him if he is on drugs. He asked him “2008? Are you on drugs?"

As soon as he shared this video, it went viral instantly. Social media users flooded his comment section and shared their views. One user shared his view and said that the man was justified in wasting the company’s time because they wasted his.

This is not the only problem of the work culture that has been highlighted on social media. Recently, a similar story went viral on Reddit. A man who reached the office 20 minutes late for the first time in 7 years of his career was fired. His co-worker shared his story on Reddit’s “Anti-work” forum, after which other employees of the company decided to report office late until he was re-hired. 


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