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Top 5 online scams and how to save yourself from them?

Over time, online scams have upscaled and they have been scamming the common man. Hackers are using AI technology to steal money, data and personal details. Here are 5 different scams which are fooling people and how can anyone protect themselves from such cases.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: April 10, 2024 18:40 IST
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Image Source : FILE Top 5 online scams and how to save yourself from them

Cybercrime is the new threat to be cautious about as hackers have been targeting innocent smart device users in several ways. These scams are pervasive and are constantly evolving, which have been targeting unsuspecting individuals across various platforms. With the rising scams being recognised, the kind of threats have to be safeguarded from financial loss, identity theft and data breaches.


Phishing attempts involve fraudulent communication, which gets initiated via text or email, where the scammers are impersonated and legitimately entitled to extract personal information or financial details. 

One has to be cautious about the urgent messages that prompt as one click on the links or if in case they prefer to download unrecognised or unknown attachments.

Fake online stores

Shopperholics have to beware as scammers have created counterfeit online storefronts, which offer enticing discounts on a range of products to attract unsuspecting shoppers. It has been suggested to be more alert when one encounters this kind of suspicious low-priced items, especially on social media platforms.

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Image Source : PIXABAYOnline scam

Banking scams

Cybercriminals try different tactics to forcefully attack and push malware, to gain unauthorized access to the individuals' bank accounts. They avoid accessing sensitive financial information on public Wi-Fi networks and be vigilant of unusual account activity.

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Impersonation scams

Scammers may pretend to be someone trusted, like a family member or employer. With this, they will manipulate victims by providing financial assistance. By verifying the legitimacy of unexpected requests for money or personal information before taking any action.

Online dating and romance scams

This has grown over the period, as the rise of online dating culture upscaled. Romance scammers have been exploiting the emotional connections of the victims to whom they will be deceiving into providing money or personal data.

One has to be cautious when they are interacting with unfamiliar individuals online and be wary of requests for financial assistance as well.

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Image Source : FILEFraud alert

Recognizing red flags

There are certain indicators which could help in identifying potential scams and also protect against fraudulent activity like:

  • Great offers or prizes that seem too good to be true.
  • Requesting your personal information or financial details 
  • Unusual payment methods, like wire transfers or cryptocurrency.
  • Bad English (especially grammar or spelling) while communicating with purported companies or individuals.
  • No matter if they tell you your correct address and name, yet, they do not know other details

How to respond to suspicious activity?

  • If you suspect that you have encountered an online scam, take proactive steps to mitigate potential harm:
  • Report suspicious activity to the relevant authorities, like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • Monitor financial accounts for unauthorized transactions and instantly report the suspicious activity to your bank or reliable financial institution.

What preventative measures to taken?

To save yourself and your dear ones from any such online scams, follow the steps below:

  • You need to verify the legitimacy of websites before making any online purchase and further will have to ensure secured payment.
  • Exercise caution when you are interacting with texts from unknown numbers, and also emails or advertisements, and further, you need to refrain from clicking on any unknown/suspicious links or attachments EVER!
  • You must always refuse remote access requests from unfamiliar individuals or entities, majorly if they claim to offer any technical support services to the customer.

One has to be vigilant and employ proactive security measures, where individuals can minimize their risk of falling victim to online scams and protect their personal information and financial assets.


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