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Flight ticket scams: How to spot fake airline ticket deals? Here's a complete guide

Be cautious of fake airline ticket deals that scammers offer on websites or social media. Protect yourself by checking for unusually low prices, last-minute departure dates, and secure payment methods.

Vishal Upadhyay Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: November 14, 2023 15:05 IST
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Flight Ticket Scams: These days scammers are tricking people with fake airline ticket deals. They create websites or use social media to offer super cheap tickets, making it look official. They ask for quick payment through methods like bank transfers or cash. Sometimes, they use stolen credit cards to buy these tickets and send them to victims. 

However, it's a scam because scammers use the money from these fake ticket sales for even more harmful scams. If the owner reports the stolen credit card, the airline cancels the ticket, and the victim loses money without being able to travel. Recently, Interpol has provided insights into the Airline ticket scam and shared safety tips for travelers.

Signs that a ticket sale might be a scam

  1. Very low prices: Be cautious if the ticket seems much cheaper than others.
  2. Last-minute departure dates: Watch out for tickets with departure dates in the next few days, as scammers try to take advantage of the time before the real cardholder cancels the transaction.
  3. Payment methods: Be careful if asked to pay in cash or through a bank transfer, as these methods offer little protection against fraud.
  4. Incomplete contact info: Check if the website or social media account has a complete address and a landline number. If not, do thorough research to confirm its legitimacy.

Tips to stay safe

  • Direct booking: Buy tickets directly from the airline or a certified travel agency.
  • Secure online transactions: Use websites with "https" for safe online payments.
  • Research the agency: Check the legitimacy of the travel agency, read reviews, and ensure reliable contact options.
  • Review terms and conditions: Before buying, carefully read the terms, especially the refund policy.

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