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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is set to launch with a bigger screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is set to launch this year with a bigger screen. The device is considered the best fold phone from the company to date.

India TV Tech Desk Reported by: India TV Tech Desk Noida Published on: May 04, 2022 16:42 IST
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 

Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4 is set to launch in the global market soon. The latest foldable smartphone from Samsung is expected to be the benchmark device in the foldable phones category of the company, which is the predecessor of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. 

It is claimed that the new Z Flip 4 smartphone will feature a larger than before display with the clamshell model. This demand was raised since the first model of the Galaxy Z Flip was launched. Although the company managed to upgrade the size of the front screen of the device from 1.06-inch to 1.9-inch in the Galaxy Z Flip 3. 

But witnessing the speculations, the device still seems to have room for upgrading the size in the front. New reports have also indicated that the upcoming model- the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will support an even bigger cover display than ever before for a more vibrant and bigger viewing experience.

The screen size reports started to float since the tweet was dropped by Ross Young of DSCC on Twitter. Although there is no exact screen size speculated by the time of writing, it is expected that Samsung might upgrade the size of the Flip 4 smartphone by almost 2-inches (diagonally).

Also, Samsung made no such confirmations yet, as the company will be planning to unleash the device later this year. But it is the most expected upgradation from the company which is expected to bring in the Z Flip 4 smartphone, along with some additional and upgraded features for the display.