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WWE LIVE New Delhi, Results- Triple H defeats Jinder Mahal, Braun Strowman puts Kane through a table, see pics

Triple-H defeated Jinder Mahal in the main event of the night as the Indian origin wrestler dominated the match but the veteran star that came out on top. Take a look at the results.

Reported by: Brett Ellis, New Delhi [ Updated: December 10, 2017 16:27 IST ]
Image Source : WWE Triple H

New Delhi witnessed WWE LIVE once again as the main event saw The Game Triple H defeat Indian origin 'The Modern-Day Maharaja' Jinder Mahal in a marquee match. With the cerebral assassin back in the ring, the home crowd witnessed a spectacular set of matches which featured matches such as a six-man tag team match between The Sheild and a partnership of Sheamus, Cesaro and Samoa Joe, Finn Baylor vs Bray Wyatt, Kurt Angle's son Jason Jordan taking on Elias. Take a look at the results as it happened here in New Delhi at the IGI Stadium 

Finn Baylor defeats Bray Wyatt

India Tv - Finn Baylor

Image Source : WWEFinn Baylor

New Delhi got to witness the first match of the first-half which featured 'The Demon King' Finn Baylor take on Bray Wyatt. The two wrestlers kickstarted the live event as the match went back and forth. The Delhiites, unfortunately, could not witness ' The Demon King' but saw the calm and composed side of the Irishman. The Buzzard' leader Bray Wyatt countered Balor's moves often as the rivalry has seen its fair share of animosity. Wyatt hit Balor with his finishing moves but it was Balor who blocked the move and surprised Wyatt to end the match victorious.

Jeet Rama and Kishan defeated The Miztourage

India Tv - Jeet Rama celebrates with fans

Image Source : WWEJeet Rama celebrates with fans

New Delhi witnessed their countrymen and new men in the scene Jeet Rama and Kishan in the ring against the Miztourage which consists of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Well, a comedy of errors between Dallas and Axel saw the Indian duo take advantage which led them to emerge victorious in the tag team match. 

Alexa Bliss defeats Sasha Banks to retain her RAW Women's Championship

India Tv - Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

Image Source : WWEAlexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

The New Delhi crowd were on their feet when they witnessed a former and a current champion in the ring as the two wrestlers gave their all. Sasha had controlled most of the match but current champions Bliss knew who to handle business in the ring. Alexa Bliss walked in and out as champion. Banks did give her best but it was the champion who had prevailed with the title on the line. 

Jason Jordan defeats Elias

India Tv - Jason Jordan vs Elias

Image Source : WWEJason Jordan vs Elias

Kurt Angle's prodigal sun Jason Jordan took on the Elias. The later took to stage with a guitar as he entertained the New Delhi crowd till the former interrupted his performance. Jason's athleticism brushed aside the Guitarist and handed him a loss within ten minutes. It sure is seen in the ring as the saying goes 'like father like son'. 

Titus O'Neil and Apolo Crews defeated Gallows and Anderson

India Tv - Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews

Image Source : WWETitus O'Neil and Apollo Crews

The partnership of the Titus and Crews saw off the tag team duo Anderson and Gallows in sweet fashion. High flying Crews and Titus had no trouble facing the former tag team champions as Titus ended the match in style. 

Enzo Amore defeated Kalisto to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Champion

India Tv - Kalisto vs Enzo Amore

Image Source : WWEKalisto vs Enzo Amore

Comical yet wise Enzo Amore defeated his rival Kalisto yet once again as the current champion Amore managed to counter the high-flying wrestler. Amore did have some tricks up his sleeve which saw him retain the Cruiserweight title once again. Kalisto did all he could but Amore was just too smart to counter his opponent's moves. 

Braun Strowman wins by disqualification against Kane

India Tv - Braun Stroman celebrates with fans

Image Source : WWEBraun Stroman celebrates with fans

The 'Monster among men' Braun Strowman is surely not a giant you would want to mess around but veteran wrestler Kane notched it up a bit. Kane was being manhandled at times by the monster which saw the former use the chair as a weapon to tame Strowman but only to get disqualified and have the Monster among Men victorious. But the match didn't stop there. Kane had set up a table in the ring but unfortunately, Strowman countered the Demon's Chokeslam and put him through the table. 

The Shield defeated Sheamus, Cesaro and Samoa Joe

India Tv - The Sheild's Roman Reigns celebrates with the fans

Image Source : WWEThe Sheild's Roman Reigns celebrates with the fans

New Delhi saw the Shield for the first time, reunited. The three Hounds of Justice made Delhi erupt when their entrance music played. The team of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated the tag team of Sheamus, Cesaro and Samoa Joe. The latter team had the match in their hands when they thrashed Ambrose and Rollins in their side of the ring but that did not happen for too long. Once the tag was made to Roman, he did what he does best. 'The Big Dog' managed to hammer all three men, Superman punched and speared Samoa Joe and at the end, the Hounds of Justice power-bombed Cesaro to win the match. 

Triple H defeats Jinder Mahal

India Tv - Triple H delivers the pedigree to Jinder Mahal

Image Source : WWETriple H delivers the pedigree to Jinder Mahal

The ' King of Kings' Triple-H went one on one with the ' Modern-day Maharaja' Jinder Mahal in the main event of the night. The cerebral assassin sure made matters tough for the Indian origin wrestler but the first few minutes saw the duo test out each other as both men faced each other for the very first time. Jinder had matters in control with a few moves and with the Singh brothers by his side to distract Triple-H and the referee at times. As the match grew more exciting, the two wrestlers started pulling out their big guns and The Game gave Jinder his famous move, the slam buster. Once Triple-H got riled up, he hit Jinder with a pedigree which surprisingly and shockingly saw The Modern day Maharaj pull out before the third count. This definitely left the crowd and the cerebral assassin baffled. But another Pedigree saw Triple-H the winner of the main event of the night. 

India Tv - Triple H does the Bhangra with Jinder Mahal

Image Source : WWETriple H does the Bhangra with Jinder Mahal

Triple H and Jinder thanked the crowd for their support and did the Punjabi bhangra on the Indian origin's entrance music.

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