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Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Eliminator 2: Patna Pirates thump Haryana Steelers 69-30

Captain Pardeep Narwal leads from the front as Patna Pirates outclass Haryana Steelers 69-30 in the Eliminator 2 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 in Mumbai.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , New Delhi [ Updated: October 23, 2017 23:26 IST ]
Image Source : PKL/TWITTER Eliminator 2 - Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers

Double defending champions Patna Pirates registered a comprehensive win against defensive powerhouse Haryana Steelers in the Eliminator 2 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 on Monday. Captain Pardeep Narwal of Patna Pirates created history as he becomes the raider with the most number of raid points in a single match. Pardeep picked up record 34 raid points for Patna, he overtook Rohit Kumar of Bengaluru Bulls who held the record with 30 raid points. Patna Pirates will take on Puneri Paltan in the Eliminator 3 on Tuesday, whereas, Haryana Steelers campaign of PKL season 5 have come to an end. Pardeep was adjudged the 'Perfect Raider of the Match' for his superhuman effort in the match. 


22.29 IST: It's sheer demolition from Patna Pirates! Pirates beat Haryana Steelers 69-30 in Eliminator 2 of PKL 2017.

22.28 IST: Pardeep Narwal creates a Pro Kabaddi record, he notches up record 34 raid points in a single game.

22.27 IST: Pardeep Narwal brings up another Super Raid of the match, three more points for Patna. Pirates 68-28 Steelers

22.26 IST: Pardeep Narwal picks up two more points for Patna, Pirates 65-27 Haryana Steelers  

22.25 IST: Haryana Steelers suffer another All-out in the match, Pirates 62-27 Steelers

22.24 IST: Prashanth Rai fails in raiding for Steelers, Patna 59-27 Haryana

22.23 IST: Jaideep completes his High 5 in defence, Pirates get one more point. Patna 56-27  Haryana

22.21 IST: Finally, Patna captain Pardeep Narwal gets tackled by Haryana defenders. Steelers 27-55 Pirates

22.18 IST: Timeout taken by Patna Pirates!

22.17 IST: Raider out, strong dash from Vishal Mane. Patna gets one more point in defence. Pirates 55-26 Steelers

22.15 IST: Pardeep Narwal you monster, he pulls off the Biggest Raid of the season, 8 points in a single raid. Patna Pirates 52-25 Haryana Steelers

22.15 IST: Strong ankle hold from Patna defender, point for Pirates. Patna 44-25 Haryana

22.14 IST: Deepak Dahiya picks up a raid point for Steelers. Haryana 25-43 Patna

22.11 IST: Time-out taken by Umpires!

22.10 IST: Haryana Steelers suffer third All-out of the night, Patna Pirates 42-23 Haryana Steelers

22.09 IST: Pardeep is picking points at will here. Pirates 38-23 Steelers

22.07 IST: Prashant picks up two points in his raid for Steelers, Haryana 23-36 Patna

22.06 IST: Two more points for Pirates, Patna is on a roll here. Pirates 36-21 Steelers

22.04 IST: The defence of Patna Pirates is picking up points with ease here, Pirates 33-21 Steelers

22.04 IST: Haryana Steelers suffer second all-out of the match. Patna Pirates lead by ten points 31-21 vs Haryana Steelers

22.03 IST: Deepak Dahiya picks up a raid point with a running hand-touch for Steelers. Haryana 20-27 Patna

22.02 IST: Surender Nada picks up two points for Haryana, captain leads from the front. Steelers 19-26 Pirates

22.02 IST: Pardeep once again picks up an easy touch point for Patna, Pirates 26-17 Steelers

22.01 IST: Monu picks up a touch point for Pirates, Patna 25-16 Haryana

22.00 IST: Pardeep Narwal completes his 16th Super 10 of the season 5 of PKL. Patna 23-16 Haryana

21.59 IST: Bonus point for Haryana to start the second half in style, Steelers 16-22 Pirates

21.52 IST: Patna Pirates lead 22-15 vs Haryana Steelers at half-time!

21.51 IST: Patna Pirates score one more point in the last raid of the first half, Pirates 22-15 Steelers

21.51 IST: Pardeep Narwal picks up an easy touch point for Pirates, Patna 21-15 Haryana

21.49 IST: Haryana Steelers suffer the first all-out of the match. Patna Pirates 19-14 Haryana Steelers

21.48 IST: Khandola once again shines for Haryana, he picks up two more raid points. Steelers 13-15 Pirates

21.47 IST: Vikas Khandola picks up a point in raiding for Haryana, Steelers 11-14 Pirates

21.46 IST: Prashanth Rai picks up two crucial points for Haryana, Steelers 10-13 Pirates

21.45 IST: The 'Dubki King' Pardeep shows his moves to enthrall the capacity crowd here in Mumbai, point in raiding for Patna. Pirates 12-8 Steelers

21.44 IST: Wazir Singh goes out this time for Steelers, point in defence for Pirates. Patna 11-7 Haryana

21.43 IST: Monu Goyat once again rises to the occasion, he picks up a point in raiding for Patna. Pirates 10-7 Steelers

21.40 IST: This time Patna return the favour, they pick up a point in defence, Vikas goes out. Pirates 8-6 Steelers

21.39 IST: Brilliant chain-tackle from Haryana defenders, Surender Nada leads the way for his team. Steelers 6-7 Pirates

21.38 IST: Vikas picks up a brilliant point with a dive for Steelers, Haryana 5-6 Patna

21.37 IST: Haryana Steelers also lost their TV Review, point granted to Patna. Pirates 6-4 Steelers

21.35 IST: Pardeep Narwal picks up a point with a running hand touch for Pirates, Patna in the lead 5-4 vs Haryana

21.35 IST: Vikas Khandola picks up an easy raid point for Steelers, it's 4-4

21.34 IST: Monu Goyat fails to pick up a point in the do-or-die raid, one more point for Haryana. Steelers 3-4 Pirates

21.33 IST: Patna Pirates have lost their review, point granted to Steelers.

21.32 IST: Patna Pirates have taken a TV Review!

21.31 IST: Wazir Singh picks up another touch point for Steelers, Haryana 2-4 Patna

21.29 IST: Monu Goyat pulls off a brilliant escape, error in defence from Haryana captain Surender Nada. Four points for Patna. Pirates 4-1 Steelers

21.28 IST: Wazir Singh starts off in style, he picks up the first raiding point of the match. Steelers 1-0 Pirates

21.27 IST: Pardeep Narwal starts off with an Empty Raid. 

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