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  5. For an exciting summer vacation, check out these 5 countries you can visit without a visa

For an exciting summer vacation, check out these 5 countries you can visit without a visa

This summer vacation, opt for a hassle-free vacation and travel abroad. There are many countries which allow Indians without a visa, perfect for a vacation of relaxation and trying something new. Check out these 5 places you visit without a visa for a perfect summer vacation.

Written By : India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By : Rahul Pratyush
New Delhi
Updated on: May 21, 2024 12:26 IST
For an exciting summer vacation, check out these 5 countries you can visit without a visa
Image Source : PEXELS For an exciting summer vacation, check out these 5 countries you can visit without a visa

Summer vacation calls for adventure, going out of your comfort zone and finding new ways to make relaxation an enriching experience. What is a better way to do that than by travelling? Unfortunately, travelling internationally can be a bothersome experience due to issues with visas, additional documentation and other processes that take too much time. Luckily, many countries allow Indians to travel abroad without a visa. If you’re planning to travel abroad during your summer break, here are 5 countries to check out for visa-free travel. 

El Salvador

The land of natural and architectural marvels is a perfect travel destination for those interested in cultural history and art. El Salvador has the perfect blend of beaches, volcanos, and greenery and boasts one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Iglesia El Rosario is a sight to behold as the sunlight reflects in all colours of the rainbow inside the church. Additionally, the Santa Ana Volcano and the multiple beaches give tourists plenty to do, along with an interesting variety of food to try.


Famed for gorgeous green landscapes, beaches decorated with palm trees, clear waters and coral reefs, the country is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. Fiji is a perfect place for beach lovers as the tropical humidity and an endless view of the waters are bound to make anyone fall in love. Try visiting the Fiji Museum for a display of British colonial architecture, history and Fiji’s ethnographic exhibits.


Previously embroiled in gang tensions, Haiti has finally reopened its gates for tourists in 2024. The Cathedral Notre Dame Cape Haitien looks over the city with its beautiful structure and provides a space for religious exploration and learning history. Additionally, it also has the Basin Bleu waterfalls, a series of three cobalt blue pools that are combined to make one of the most gorgeous swimming spots in Haiti. If you like a little bit of thrill, trek to the waterfalls and marvel at the striking blue water it holds.


Bhutan serves as a sanctuary for earthly pleasures such as homemade cheese, hot chillies, crafts, archery and relaxing hot baths. Being a 70% forested country, its serene landscape is decorated with flags and hills, making it a perfect place to embark on a spiritual journey. It is also a place filled with historical landmarks everywhere you go, so as you leave, you will find yourself having grown in various ways.


Known as one of the most stunning commercial landscapes in the world, Qatar is a paradise of luxury. With it’s well-maintained beaches to the iconic Museum of Illusions, there is something to do for everyone. Take a journey into the dunes or embrace the stunning skylines of Qatar, every experience is curated to leave tourists coming back for more.

Step out of your comfort zone and consider travelling internationally this summer with these hassle-free tourist destinations without a visa.


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