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Do you know that you go through 27 states of emotions?

Statistical models were used to analyse the responses of 853 men and women who were demographically diverse.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: September 11, 2017 13:00 IST
University of California, Berkeley, emotions
A multidimensional map has been created to show how emotions are connected.

Is office work pending or are you going through a heartbreak? Stuck in long traffic jam or looking to have a chocolate ice cream? We all express these feelings through emotions. Human nature is all about emotions which they express according to the circumstances and situation. Earlier it was established that there are six kinds of emotions universally - happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust. Later, Robert Plutchik's theory said that there are eight emotions including trust and anticipation. However, a news study has challenged the earlier psychological assumption stating there there is a full palette of 27 different emotions.

Using statistical models to analyse the responses of 853 men and women, who are demographically diverse, to 2,185 emotionally evocative video clips, University of California, Berkeley, researchers have identified 27 distinct categories of emotion and created a multidimensional map to show how they are connected. According to the study published in journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, there are smooth gradients of emotion between, for instance, awe and peacefulness, horror and sadness, and amusement and adoration.

"We don't get finite clusters of emotions in the map because everything is interconnected," Xinhua quoted lead author Alan Cowen as saying.The results showed that study participants generally shared the same or similar emotional responses to the videos shown to them, providing a wealth of data that allowed the researchers to identify 27 distinct categories of emotion.

Through statistical modelling and visualisation techniques, the researchers organised the emotional responses to each video into a semantic atlas of human emotions."We found that 27 distinct dimensions, not six, were necessary to account for the way hundreds of people reliably reported feeling in response to each video," said study senior author Dacher Keltner.

Here are the 27 distinct categories of emotions in alphabetical order - Admiration, Adoration, Aesthetic, Appreciation, Amusement, Anxiety, Awe, Awkwardness, Boredom, Calmness, Confusion, Craving, Disgust, Empathetic pain, Entrancement, Envy, Excitement, Fear, Horror, Interest, Joy, Nostalgia, Romance, Sadness, Satisfaction, Sexual desire, Sympathy and Triumph. Positive emotions strongly impacts our mental and physical health while negative ones are detrimental to our personality.



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