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Want to spice up your eyewear game? Follow this guide to select the perfect summer sunglasses

Choosing eyewear can be tough but finding the right pair can change your style. Here's how to choose the right pair of sunglasses based on your face shape.

Edited By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Updated on: May 23, 2024 16:30 IST
Know how to choose the right sunglasses this summer
Image Source : PEXELS Know how to choose the right sunglasses this summer.

During the hot summer months, sunglasses serve not only as protection from harmful UV rays but also as a key fashion accessory. However, selecting the perfect pair can be challenging due to the wide variety of styles available. Understanding your face shape and choosing sunglasses that complement it is a helpful way to make the right selection. Here's a guide to assist you in finding the ideal sunglasses based on your face shape.

Sunglasses for round face shape

Round faces are characterised by a minimally angular face and emphasis on cheeks. If your face looks less angular and the widest part of your face is your cheeks, then you most likely have a round face shape. An easy way to determine this would be to look into the mirror and see if your face gives attention to your jawline, if not as much, then your face is more round than angular.

To compliment round faces, rectangular sunglasses provide the illusion of an angled face. They also make the face look longer. Additionally, for darker skin and hair tones, dark-coloured sunglasses would enhance your features better. For lighter tones, try wearing brown and yellow colours to accentuate your looks. 

Sunglasses for long face shape

Longer faces have extending jaws and an oval-like structure to them. Find sunglasses that can break up your face and draw attention to your proportions rather than the overall shape of the face. If you find your forehead or eyes to be your striking point, find glasses that sit perfectly on the nose bridge to draw attention to those features.

Sunglasses for triangular face shape

Triangular faces are often composed of defined chins and wider foreheads. Try sunglasses which are rectangular shaped to balance the ratio of proportions on your face. If your facial features are smaller, choose smaller lenses. However, for those with prominent features such as big eyes, larger lenses will accentuate them. 

Sunglasses for pear face shape

Pear face shapes are characterised by a narrow forehead and a wider lower jaw. For those with such faces, a rectangular, oversized pair of glasses would be the best fit as it would evenly proportion the lower jaw and the forehead by making it appear larger. This would give the illusion of a more symmetrical face.

Finding the right glasses can be tough but after experimenting you will eventually find the style that suits you so do not worry if you can’t identify the shape of your face just yet. Try referring to what you want to accentuate and decide the shapes and colours accordingly.

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