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Ten must-have makeup basics for beginners

Curating a makeup collection can be a difficult and daunting task given the abundance of cosmetics available in the market. To ease your life, we have prepared a list of ten must-have makeup basics for beginners.

Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: April 02, 2023 11:30 IST
makeup basics for beginners
Image Source : FREEPIK Ten must-have makeup basics for beginners

The world of makeup is impressive and intimidating. And curating a makeup collection can be difficult due to the wide variety of cosmetics available in the market. However, it is important to identify the basic makeup essentials for beginners to consider. Hre is a flawless makeup kit for beginners to help them get started.

Moisturiser is an important part of the makeup kit. A super-light face gel moisturiser should be used for a lightweight texture and to leave skin looking healthy, plump, and ready for your foundation.

Primer is a product that covers open pores, creates a flawless skin surface, prevents makeup from penetrating deeply into the skin, and allows makeup to stick for a longer period of time. 

Liquid foundation is an important part of balancing tone after your base is ready. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone for flawless skin.

A concealer is a magic wand that can help in hiding blemishes and dark circles or highlighting cheekbones, brows, the chin, or the nose for a special occasion. It should be smooth with a thin consistency and match your skin tone.

The Contour & Blush Kit is a great way to add dimension and depth, as well as accentuate your facial features for events like weddings and festivals. They are also great for creating a healthy glow.

Eyebrow pencils offer well-groomed eyebrows with a neat finish.  Eyeliner is a great way to beautify your eyes, a simple definition of overdrawing your natural lash line. Sketch or pen liner can be your best option if you don't feel comfortable using liquid liner.

Mascara can give you an instant wide-eyed, elevated, awake appearance with your natural lashes.

Eye shadow adds colour to eyelids and can transform their appearance; even if you are not skilled at creating smoky or cut-crease eyes, a simple light pink hue can garner compliments.

Wearing loose powder, at last, is a great way to lock in the base and set the makeup.

Hope that the aforementioned list of "ten must-have makeup basics for beginners" helps you create your own beginner-friendly makeup kit without breaking the bank!


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