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Horoscope October 11, 2019: Check astrology predictions for Aries, Scorpio, Cancer and others

Acharya Indu Prakash is here with his predictions and suggestions regarding your professional, personal and social life.

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New Delhi Updated on: October 11, 2019 13:26 IST
Horoscope October 11, 2019

Horoscope October 11, 2019

Believe it or not, your sun sign does have an impact on your daily life. Any problem or obstacles can also be due to hostile planetary positions or unfavourable stars. There are days when we stress a lot without any reason whereas on other days, we take things lightly with a broad smile on the face. Wondering why? Well, there are possibilities that your sun sign might be behind all this. In case you want to know how your day will unfold, scroll down and read about your zodiac sign.


Today you will spend quality time with your family. A good day for those seeking love. Your friends will help you financially. You will also get appreciation at your workplace. Offer laddoos to Lord Ganesha. 

You will soon reap the fruits of your hard work. Women belonging to this sun sign will get some good news. A big day for your career. People will be eager to know your views. Donate something to Brahmins.

You can change your daily routine. The day will witness good relations with your friends. Happiness guaranteed for couples. You can plan some new work. Possibilities of getting a call from a new company.

Don't rush too much. Visit a religious place with your parents. You won't get expected benefits in business. Don't impose your work on others. Increased expenses might trouble you. Seek blessings from your guru.

You will impress people with your kindness. You might visit our old pal. Friends will help you as a result, your work will be easily done. Be careful while riding or driving. You will spend quality time with kids.

You will be active and alert regarding your work. You will complete your pending work today. You will help those in need and also maintain a positive attitude. Lovemates will plan a lunch date. Donate coconut in the temple.

Your health will be good today. Pending work will be completed with the help of your well-wishers. Family responsibilities might increase. Also, your secret might get disclosed. Be cautious while speaking something. Spend some time in temple.

You might plan a movie outing with friends and try to finish work as soon as possible. You might also bag a new project in office and have to travel regarding business. 

Good opportunities for students. Junior can seek help from you in the office. You will be happy and healthy throughout the day. Light ghee lamp in the morning and evening at your house.

You might cancel your outing due to some important work. Your mood might get upset due to a stranger. You will enjoy good bonding with partner.

You will be more devoted to social work. You will feel energetic today and will think carefully regarding money matter. You might attend some religious function.

You will complete your pending work. Someone special might offer you help. It will be a happy day for couples. Even your boss will be pleased with you.










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