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'If you have guts...': BJP in Karnataka challenges Congress to ban RSS and Bajrang Dal

Karnataka: BJP leader and former minister R Ashoka said Congress would be "nowhere is the state" if its newly-elected government bans even one branch of RSS of Bajrang Dal in Karnataka.

Anurag Roushan Edited By: Anurag Roushan @Candid_Tilaiyan Bengaluru Published on: May 27, 2023 10:13 IST
Karnataka Bajrang Dal
Image Source : FACEBOOK/FILE Senior BJP leader and former minister R Ashoka

Karnataka: Days after Congress stormed to power in Karnataka, senior BJP leader and former minister R Ashoka has challenged the newly-formed state government to ban Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bajrang Dal. "If the party bans even one branch of RSS, it would be nowhere in the state," he claimed. 

Reacting to Karnataka cabinet minister Priyank Kharge's remarks, Ashoka said, "Your father was unable to ban RSS. It was not done by your grandmother. Even your great-grandfather could not do anything. What can you do now?" He further said that the Congress had once a majority in the Parliament.

"There were 15-20 state governments in the country. The current condition of Congress is pathetic in the country. If you have guts, ban the RSS. Your government won't last long... for even three months. Lakhs of branches of RSS are operating. Show us by imposing a ban on one of the branches," Ashoka challenged, adding "Hindu sentiments are with RSS and Bajrang Dal".

'CM Siddaramaiah is silent but Deputy CM Shivakumar is violent'

The former Karnataka minister further said that in the new Congress government in the state, CM Siddaramaiah is silent but Deputy CM Shivakumar is violent. "In every meeting, Shivakumar speaks ahead of the CM and threatens the police department and Hindu organisations," he said.

Meanwhile, Karnataka unit BJP president Nalin Kumar Kateel said that if any attempt to ban the RSS or Bajrang Dal is made, "the Congress government won't survive".

Earlier on May 25, Priyank Kharge reiterated that his party is ready to impose a ban on Bajrang Dal. He had also stated earlier that "we will not hesitate to ban organisations which indulge in moral policing. It might be RSS or Bajrang Dal or any other communal organisation".

Kharge had also said: "We will change the laws brought by the BJP government. If any individual or organisation threatens peace, and acts against the Constitution, the government has the capacity to initiate proper action against them."

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Siddaramaiah was sworn in as Chief Minister

Congress leader Siddaramaiah was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka for the second time after the party's thumping victory in the Assembly elections. Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge's son Priyank Kharge, party's MLAs G Parameshwara and MB Patil were among eight MLAs who took oath on May 20. 

It should be mentioned here that Congress bagged 135 seats in the May 10 elections to the 224-member Karnataka Assembly ousting the ruling BJP, which got 66 seats while the Janata Dal (Secular) secured 19 seats in the results declared on May 13.

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