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'Isse sabko pyaar ho jata hai': Samarth Jurel AGGRESSIVELY hits Isha Malviya in Bigg Boss 17 | Watch Video

Bigg Boss 17 latest updates: In the promo, Samarth Jurel can be seen snapping at Isha Malviya in front of Abhishek Kumar. Fans are now reacting to it. Watch the video here.

Shruti Kaushal Written By: Shruti Kaushal @ShrutiKaushal_ New Delhi Updated on: November 02, 2023 18:29 IST
Isha Samarth Bigg Boss 17
Image Source : SCREENGRAB Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel

Bigg Boss 17 latest updates: Isha Malviya is undoubtedly the epicenter of the BB 17 house. After a love-and-hate relationship with her ex, Abhishek Kumar, the actor recently welcomed her current boyfriend Samarth Jurel. The love triangle in the reality show is hogging headlines left, right, and center and yes, the audience is enjoying it. 

In the latest promo, Samarth Jurel can be seen hitting Isha Malviya aggressively during an argument. The promo opens with Jurel saying, "Samajhti hai nhi baat ko." The frame moves Malviya who can be seen standing near the kitchen slab. Jurel comes to her and snaps her glass of water, therefore, splashing it all over. Abhishek Kumar can also be seen listening to their fight closely. Malviya reacts to it and said, "Mereko iss behaviour see shakht problem hai."

As the promo progresses, one can see Jurel getting teary-eyed and Kumar consoling him. The frame then shifts to the duo sitting by the pool. Kumar said, "Kya hai ismey aisa jisse sabko issey pyaar ho jaata hai?"

Sharing the promo, Colors TV wrote, "Kisine sach hi kaha hai pyar kardeti hai ache acho ka mushkil jeena."

Watch the new promo here: 

Abhishek Kumar-Isha Malviya-Samarth Jurel's love triangle

For those who did not catch up with Bigg Boss 17 initially, Isha Malviya entered the reality show with Abhishek Kumar. The former couple accused each other of being toxic in front of the host, Salman Khan. Moreover, Malviya made some serious allegations against Kumar and claimed that he hit her aggressively. Kumar, on several occasions, revealed that he is still not over Malviya and loves her. However, Malviya told other housemates about her current boyfriend. 

After two weeks, Samarth Jurel entered the house as a wild card contestant, but Malviya did not accept him as her boyfriend. 

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