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Swara Bhaskar slams filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri after he criticised her for Padmaavat open letter!

After being trolled on social media, Swara Bhaskar faced the ire of filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 31, 2018 16:35 IST
swara bhaskar open letter
Image Source : IMDB/TWITTER Swara Bhaskar slams filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri criticised her for Padmaavat open letter!

Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar is garnering a lot of social media attention ever since she wrote an open letter accusing Sanjay Leela Bhansali of glorifying Jauhar in Padmaavat. After she was heavily trolled on social media, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri offered his two cents on her open letter. Swara Bhasker has condemned filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri as "low and sick" after he suggested the actress take a trip to Bastar, Chhattisgarh to understand "how the 'real vagina'" feels like.

Ever since Swara has, in a scathing comment on "Padmaavat", said that the film made her feel reduced to a "vagina only" due to the self-immolation climax scene, she has been heavily trolled on social media.

After her Twitter war of words with singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Swara faced the ire of Agnihotri.

"We have interviewed many ‘ex-naxal' women in Bastar. Each has gut-wrenching stories to tell, full of abuse, rape and misogyny. If they marry, they aren't allowed to have children. I think fake feminist Swara Bhasker must make a trip to understand how the 'real vagina' feels like," Agnihotri wrote on Wednesday.

"What women need to understand that it's because of the fake feminists like Swara that the feminist movement gets jeopardised. You just can't piss off people and win the most critical war of modern times - the gender empathy," he added.

Swara replied: "I'm sorry did you just suggest that I go get myself raped? Like seriously? You typed out this tweet Vivek? I'd say pretty low and sick even by your own abysmal standards of conduct and civility."

On Tuesday, at an event here, Swara had justified herself for raising questions through her open letter.

"I had a few questions in mind which I felt was very legit questions, so I asked it. If people do not agree, that's completely fine with me. We live in a democracy, so it's a nice thing that we have difference in opinions on issues and I think we should have debate and discussions because art always has that intent," she said.

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