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Zaira Wasim quits Twitter, Instagram after being trolled for her post on locust attack

Even after Zaira Wasim deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts, it didn't stop some from attacking the Dangal actress on her Facebook page, where she had put up the same post.

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New Delhi Updated on: May 30, 2020 10:41 IST
Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim quits Twitter and Instagram

Zaira Wasim has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts after getting hate comments for quoting Quran verse while talking about recent locust attacks in North India. "So We sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice and frogs and blood: Signs openly self explained: but they were steeped in arrogance -- a people given to sin. --Qur'an 7:133," Zaira had tweeted. This irked netizens who interpreted her post as a justification to the locust attacks. Soon she started receiving hateful comments as people felt that Zaira was hinting that the incident is God's way of expressing his wrath.

This led Zaira Wasim to delete her Twitter and Instagram accounts. However, this didn't stop some from attacking Zaira on her Facebook page, where she had put up the same post.

Commenting on the post, a user wrote: "Lady you must have taken into account of those people of JK, Kerala and elsewhere who are also suffering from the virus. Moreover, the crops which are damaged by locust had no name as to who will consume them. In this hours of crisis please post something which is positive and reflects your education."

Another user shared: "So according to you,with all due respect every year on the same time period,allah send locust to India to destroy the crops of poor farmers who are not even involve in the industrial rise,who don't use vehicle to destroy the nature,nd allah send locust only to harm the poor farmers nd not the rich one who actually destroy nature."

"So those farmers who lost there fields of crops and will probably go into debt and may also commit suicide, those farmers who feed the nation, who feed you and every one, are sinners?" asked yet another user.

However, there were a few who stood by Zaira and said that she hasn't done anything wrong.

Earlier, in a long post, Zaira opened up on how trolls, memes and jokes can severely impact the mental well being and self-esteem of a person. Her Instagram post reads: "Imagine somebody out there genuinely believes he’s a loser just because of you, because of a joke, a meme, a comment you made just to look cool or funny in-front of your followers, but not everyone’s born with a thick skin, not everyone can withstand the harsh criticism. Some are more vulnerable that others and become easily overwhelmed and disappointed in themselves, your words could be a reason for someone’s heart to shatter, for someone to cry all night long....instead of pouncing on someone’s flawed understanding for a mere giggle, try to make them aware about their flawed understanding not by mocking them but with empathy, favour privacy and advice them

In another post on Twitter, Zaira asked people not to praise her as it is 'dangerous for her imam'. In her statement, the Secret Superstar actress wrote, “With I acknowledge with humility all the love people shower me with. I cannot emphasise enough how the praise that comes my way isn't gratifying at all for me and how big of a test it is for me and how dangerous it is for my Iman. I'm not as righteous as I might lead many to believe. Instead, I urge everyone to not praise me in any manner but to pray that Allah overlooks my shortcomings- which are too many to count, and fills the void in my heart with the light of His Mercy, Taqwz and increases me in Imaan, rectifies my intentions and grants me the knowledge that is beneficial and to perform righteous deeds only for hos His sake and allow me to live and die as a Muslim (wholly submitting to Him). Jazakum Allahu Khayran,” 

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