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Remember Pokemon Go? Meet 74-year-old OG grandpa, who plays the game on 64 phones

A 74-year-old Taiwanese man became so enthralled with Pokemon Go that he mounted 64 phones on his bicycle to have an edge in the game.

Edited By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 25, 2023 16:29 IST
Remember Pokemon Go? Meet 74-year-old OG grandpa
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/WEALTH Remember Pokemon Go? Meet 74-year-old OG grandpa

Pokemon Go, a revolutionary virtual reality mobile game, has dominated the gaming industry. The game, which launched in 2016, aimed to provide players with an immersive experience as they looked for Pokémon all around them. It became so popular that everyone knew about it, whether they played it or not. Now, a 74-year-old grandpa from Taiwan is making waves on the internet due to his obsession with the game.

The Taiwanese man has become a little bit too engrossed in the interactive game. To play the game, he has 64 phones hooked to his bicycle. In 2016, Chen San-grandson Yuan's first introduced him to the game. By 2018, he had expanded his setup to eight phones and became a local celebrity known as 'the Pokémon Go grandpa'.

The OG game player says that he doesn't participate in battles since he has an unfair advantage and he just wants to catch rare Pokémon. 

The viral post shared on Instagram shows the grandpa on his bicycle with all the phones. 

The elderly man's special talent won the audience's admiration. They talked about how the man's zest for life and passion demonstrated Pokemon's widespread appeal. Some also took hilarious digs at him.

One user wrote, "I made a million bucks this year with one phone. Imagine if I had this many." Another user commented, "He probably creates a traffic jam on google maps wherever he goes." A third user commented, "I don’t understand it. But I love that this old guy is out there living his best life. No complaints. Get it grandpa."

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The viral post has garnered over 273k likes and several reactions. 

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