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Viral Video: Men dance to Shinchan’s title track at wedding, make guests ROFL. Watch

The unexpected performance of a group of men dancing to the Hindi theme song of Shinchan at a wedding function has left social media users in splits.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: March 27, 2023 14:57 IST
Men dance to Shinchan’s title track
Image Source : @DANCETILLYOUDROP_BYB Men dance to Shinchan’s title track

Trending News: Wedding events are known for creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. Friends and family members often surprise the happy couple with heartwarming performances that leave everyone in awe. In turn, the bride and groom may also perform for each other and the audience to win over their hearts. However, at a recent wedding function, an unexpected performance by a group of men has gone viral on social media, and people can't stop laughing at it.

The video, which has been shared on Instagram by choreographer Bipasha Shah, features a group of men and women dancing to the song "Lungi Dance" from the movie “Chennai Express”. After their performance, the women leave the stage, and the men start performing the Hindi theme song for the popular Japanese cartoon show “Shinchan”. The audience is left in splits, cheering them on as they dance to the catchy tune.

Since being uploaded four weeks ago, the video has garnered over 879k views and 79k likes. Social media users have left comments praising the men's performance and even suggesting that it should become a mandatory dance at all events. Others have shared their love for the cartoon character “Shinchan”, and some have even jokingly suggested changing their friends to ones who can dance as well as this group of men.

Watch the viral video of men dance to Shinchan’s title track at wedding function here:

Shinchan is a popular Japanese manga and anime series that has gained a large following worldwide. The series revolves around the adventures of a mischievous young boy named Shinchan who lives with his family in the fictional city of Kasukabe, Japan. The show's Hindi dubbing has made it even more popular in India, where it has been airing on television for many years. The Hindi theme song that the men danced to in the wedding function has become a well-known and beloved tune among fans of the show.

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