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Meet the job seeker who only works for failed companies - Is it real? See viral post

This job seeker's LinkedIn profile is going viral for all the wrong reasons - they've worked for four failed companies in a row before landing a job at Credit Suisse, which was recently bought by UBS Group AG. But is the profile even real? Social media users are questioning its authenticity.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: March 20, 2023 19:27 IST
Meet the job seeker who only works for failed companies
Image Source : FREEPIK Meet the job seeker who only works for failed companies

Trending News: Recently, a LinkedIn profile has been gaining attention on social media due to the person's history of job hopping. However, what makes this profile stand out is that all the companies listed as previous employers have failed. The job-seeker's latest job is at Credit Suisse Bank, which has also been impacted by turmoil in the financial market and bought by UBS Group AG.

The profile, posted by Bloomberg journalist Trung Phan, lists the person's employment since March 2012, starting with Theranos, a blood testing start-up that shut down over allegations of fraud. The employee left after working there for five years and joined WeWork in April 2017, which later imploded after being forced to drop its IPO as investors raised concerns about the company's financial strength, debt, and corporate governance practices. The worker then joined cryptocurrency company FTX in 2020, but that company also collapsed by 2022. The job-seeker then moved to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and worked there for seven months when the lender collapsed in March this year.

Take a look at the viral post here:

The profile has caused a stir on social media, with some questioning its authenticity and others daring companies to hire the person. Some LinkedIn users wondered if there was a correlation between the job-seeker's "bad luck" and their culture fit with the previous companies. Others expressed disbelief at the person's job history, with one user commenting, "If not, the person needs to write a 'what not to do' book!"

Credit Suisse, which had a troubled reputation, has been sold for approximately $3.25 billion. This amount is lower than the market value of the struggling US lender First Republic Bank. The sale, which was arranged by the government, signifies the Swiss bank's ultimate decline due to a loss of trust that could have potentially affected the world's financial markets.

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