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Mother's Love: Lioness rescues her cub from hungry clan of hyenas | WATCH

A video of a pack of hyenas attacking a lion cub has gone viral. After its mother sense's the little one's fear, an intersting face-off takes place between the lioness the hyenas.

Hritika Mitra Edited By: Hritika Mitra @MitraHritika New Delhi Published on: February 09, 2024 12:14 IST
Lioness rescues her cub from hungry clan of hyenas
Image Source : LATEST SIGHTINGS/YOUTUBE Lioness rescues her cub from hungry clan of hyenas

We have often heard the term 'A mother's love is above all'. This saying extends to animals as well. Recently, a lioness's love for her cub was seen in a viral video as she jumped at a pack of hyenas to protect her little one. 

The incident was shared with Latest Sightings on their YouTube channel by Benji Solms who witnessed it nail-biting incident. Solms is a guide at the Serondella Safari Lodge where the incident took place. 

The incident began with two leopards feeding on an impala carcass they had just recently caught. Unfortunately, the two cats were forced to leave their meal when a mother lioness and her cubs arrived, narrated Solms. The leopards had taken the impala into a tree that they thought would be out of reach of any other predator. They were wrong, as the mother lioness and her cubs were able to easily jump up the base of the tree and get to the carcass. 

This is when a clan of hungry hyens arrive at the scene but cannot get to the meal as they are unable to climb the tree. The mother lioness does not seem to be bothered at all by their presence, but the same cannot be said about her cubs as they turn doubtful. 

In a bid to escape the scary clan waiting at the base of the tree, one of the cubs leaps thinking he could run away from the filthy creatures.  To the cub's dismay, it is surrounded by the hyenas. "The cub was fear-stricken, it froze," Solms said. This is when the lioness got into action and dropped the carcass between him and the hungry hyenas. 

The carcass got the attention of the hyenas who began fighting over it and left the cub alone. Jumping down from the tree she landed right in front of the hyenas. Then she gave them a stare of death and stood firm to protect her cub. It worked and the hyenas scurried off to a nearby bush with the carcass. The cub was safe, and it was all thanks to the fast thinking of his mom. 

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