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Instagram scam artist Caroline Calloway subject of new BBC documentary. Know all about 'worst influencer'

A new BBC documentary will shed light on the Instagram scam artist Caroline Calloway and reflect on the social media culture in general.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: July 29, 2022 19:14 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK Image representing Instagram app

Instagram is a place for people to meet others. The social media app has impacted the lives of many in various ways and the growing list of influencers is proof of its popularity. However, Instagram has also led to people getting fooled and the story of Caroline Calloway is proof that your guards have to be up at all times whenever you are online. As the celebrity culture gathers pace on social networking apps, there are many who are using it for nefarious activities, and Caroline is one of them. 

Caroline Calloway: Instagram's scam artist 

Caroline Calloway was a self-confessed scam queen who exploited her 850,000 followers for her own gain. Caroline used to share minute details of her life on Instagram with her followers and quickly became very popular. After amassing a substantial number of followers, she started to make money off them by wrongful means. Caroline advertised workshops and merchandise in her name pegging products and tickets at a certain price. Despite the money coming in, she never showed up at her events or got back to her followers about the merchandise she promised them. 


Caroline embraces her 'scamster' identity 

The worst aspect of Caroline's popularity was that she embraced her scamster identity. Instead of shying away from the scandals that were coming out about her, she turned them into her new online identity. “My hobbies include scamming and I’m the best at it because I’ve never been caught. Lots of scammers are in jail, not this one that’s why I’m the best,” she said as per The Sun. 

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New documentary explores Caroline's life

Caroline's life and scam adventures are now the subject of a BBC documentary titled My Insta Scammer Friend. The documentary film will touch upon Caroline's life, her scamming ways and the social media culture in general.  

As the synopsis reads: “In this era of social media, we are given more access to the private lives of celebrities and influencers than ever before. But how well do we really know our favourite online friends? This film explores the murky and, at its worst, toxic, relationship between one influencer and her followers.

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“The infamous viral scandals of pioneering internet sensation Caroline Calloway have captivated audiences across the globe, with some of her followers left feeling duped and scammed. But why did Caroline’s actions garner so much attention? And what do influencers owe their followers who built the very foundations of their success?”


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