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E-rickshaw and police engage in cat-and-mouse chase; see what happens next | WATCH

Police chased an e-rickshaw driver for 6 kms. The rickshaw driver was nevertheless able to evade capture. Check out the viral video.

Edited By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: February 01, 2023 22:38 IST
E-rickshaw and police engage in cat-and-mouse chase
Image Source : TWITTER/@RAAJEEV_CHOPRA E-rickshaw and police engage in cat-and-mouse chase

Social media is buzzing with a viral video. The clip is reportedly from Amritsar, Punjab. In the bizarre encounter, a police officer and an e-rickshaw engaged in a 6-kilometer cat-and-mouse chase that appeared straight out of a movie. Despite this, the rickshaw driver could not get caught. According to the police, the rickshaw driver was drunk. Before we get into the details, take a look at the viral video that reveals how the intoxicated driver made the cops chase him.

In this video going viral on social media, it can be seen that the police are chasing a rickshaw driver. At the same time, the e-rickshaw driver is running his vehicle at a very high speed. You can clearly see in the video that he collides with a bike rider, causing the cyclist to tumble. The police try several times, but the e-rickshaw driver does not take a chance and drives at top speed. He speeds into an alley, where he also hits a cyclist. At the end of the video, he flees, abandoning the rickshaw, which then flips over in the street.

Check out the video:

According to the reports, the rickshaw driver was completely drunk. The incident started at Lawrence Chowk in Amritsar. The rickshaw was set to take an elderly couple to Green Avenue, but the driver was so inebriated that he continued to drive along Lawrence Road.

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When the couple alerted the police, they attempted to catch the rickshaw driver, but he escaped the scene. The police stated that they wanted to stop the rickshaw driver so that he did not injure himself or others while inebriated. Meanwhile, the police have seized the rickshaw.

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