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  4. Anand Mahindra gives epic reply to an internet user asking about his qualification, check it out

Anand Mahindra gives epic reply to an internet user asking about his qualification, check it out

An Internet user asked Anand Mahindra about his qualifications after he shared a Monday motivation post. The businessman had the perfect answer to this query. Check out now.

Charu Jain Edited by: Charu Jain @icharujain New Delhi Updated on: June 28, 2022 13:16 IST
Mr Anand Mahindra

Mr Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra, 67, is very active on social media and keeps posting new things on Twitter. His posts grab many eyeballs from his followers as he uses witty one-liners and also shares some life lessons. On Monday, his motivational post garnered much attention that an internet user asked him about his qualification. Mahindra's perfect answer to the user's query has been going viral since then.

On Monday, Anand Mahindra retweeted a picture from his account. In the picture, a young girl was seen sitting surrounded by the forest area holding a book and studying. The post was shared by a Twitter user named Abhishek Dubey. The caption of the post read, "Today I was on a trip in the Staun area of Himachal, I was surprised to see this little girl sitting all alone studying and writing notes, I cannot express how amazed I felt seeing the concentration she had in books. Brilliant," 

The picture was bound to melt anyone. Anand Mahindra was highly impressed by the girl’s dedication to study and called it his #MondayMotivation post. Along with the post, he wrote, "Beautiful photograph, Abhishek. She is my #MondayMotivation."

As soon as he shared this post, people started calling it inspirational. One user named Vaibhav SD even asked him a question. He wrote, "Sir may I know your qualification?". To this, Mahindra's reply grabbed attention on the internet. Mr Mahindra wrote, "Frankly, at my age, the only qualification of any merit is experience," said the 67-year-old.”

His epic answer has been creating a storm on the internet. It has received more than 5000 likes and almost 300 retweets (till the time of writing). Netizens have also been leaving their lovely comments on the post. One user wrote, “He's being modest. A simple google search would have sufficed”, “Experience is bigger than any degrees” said another user.

The third user wrote, “As per my inspiration Sir Anand Mahindra himself is an institution in himself, his experience and expertise are remarkable for any  degree to provide and also if it's quoted somewhere "A peace of paper can't judge your qualifications", it is solely for a person like him.” 

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