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Viral Video: Coconut falls on woman on scooter, causes major mishap on road | WATCH

A viral video showed a pillion rider getting hit on the head by a falling coconut. The two-wheeler was seen losing balance and the hit person even fell down from the vehicle. 

Devasheesh Pandey Written by: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: June 27, 2022 18:19 IST
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Image Source : REDDIT

Viral video shows a road accident happening because of coconut

In a viral video shared online, it seems like fate got the better of two passengers on a two-wheeler vehicle. As the rider and the pillion were on their way, carefully driving on the road with their helmets on, a coconut fell on the head causing a road mishap. The video was shared online recently and is scaring a lot of people who travel on road with their vehicles. It is also a reminder of how nothing can be taken for granted and life is unpredictable. 

Coconut disrupts a couple's road journey

The falling of coconut on the pillion's head disrupted their road journey. The size of the coconut that fell on the head of the rider is huge and easily comparable to the size of a football used in professional matches. It was a bad stroke of luck that a couple of riders were driving through the area at that time. In the video, it can be seen that the falling of coconut on the pillion's head led to the vehicle going off balance too. However, the driver did not lose total control. The rider who was struck with the falling coconut also fell off the moving two-wheeler on the road. 

 No major injuries?  

The video of coconut free-falling on the head of a rider on a two-wheeler sure is shocking. The person hit by the falling fruit is even lodged off the vehicle and dragged on the road due to the velocity of the moving vehicle. The video will leave you shocked and concerned. The good thing was that the passengers were wearing helmets and avoided a major mishap. 





Netizens react to the viral video 

Reacting to the video of a coconut falling on a moving vehicle, one of the social media users wrote, "It’s true! It’s a real, documented hazard. I’m glad that person was wearing a helmet that could be the difference in concussion vs straight up death by it (sic)." Another netizen commented, "I'm from village and my place is full of coconut trees, they fall down all the time but i never heard about it hitting anyone's head yet I'm always afraid of it (sic)."


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