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  • NASA, Dia Mirza

    NASA shows two storms brewing on Jupiter's surface, Dia Mirza reacts to viral photo

    Trending | January 05, 2022 13:37 IST

    "Bright “pop-up” clouds are visible above the lower storm, casting shadows on the cloud bank below. As small as they appear in comparison to the large storm below, these clouds are typically 31 miles (50 km) across," NASA said.

  • NASA discovers water in Jupiter's atmosphere

    NASA discovers water in Jupiter's atmosphere

    February 22, 2020 14:46 IST

      NASA scientists have recently discovered that Jupiters contain water in its atmosphere, albeit in a fractional amount. According to a statement on NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's website, nearly 0.25 percent of Jupiter's atmosphere comprises of water, especially around the equatorial regions.