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Gizmore Glow Z Review: An Affordable AMOLED display smartwatch with calling capabilities

Gizmore Glow Z is a new made-in-India smartwatch which features a vibrant AMOLED display and at least 3 days of battery life and great calling capabilities. Here is everything you need to know if you are planning to upgrade your smartwatch with calling capabilities.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: June 13, 2023 7:42 IST
Gizmore Glow Z
Image Source : GIZMORE Gizmore Glow Z

In the rapidly growing smartwatch market, finding a budget-friendly device that doesn't compromise on features can be a challenge. However, the Gizmore Glow Z stands out as an impressive offering, boasting an AMOLED display and a range of notable features. After testing the watch for two days, it is clear that the Gizmore Glow Z lives up to its promises, making it a compelling option in the market for those seeking a value-for-money smartwatch.


A Visual Delight The highlight of the Gizmore Glow Z is undoubtedly its 1.78-inch AMOLED display. With vibrant colours, deep blacks, and excellent contrast, the AMOLED technology delivers an immersive visual experience. Even under direct sunlight, the display remains easily readable thanks to its 600-nit brightness. Whether you're glancing at notifications, navigating menus, or simply appreciating watch faces, the sharpness and clarity of the display enhance the overall user experience.

Bluetooth Calling

Stay Connected on the Move One notable feature of the Gizmore Glow Z is its Bluetooth calling functionality. This smartwatch allows you to answer and make calls directly from your wrist, eliminating the need to reach for your phone each time it rings. With its built-in speaker and microphone, the watch ensures clear audio during calls, facilitating hassle-free communication. This feature is particularly useful when driving or when your phone is not easily accessible.

India Tv - Gizmore Glow Z

Image Source : GIZMORE Gizmore Glow Z

Battery Life

Reliable and Long-Lasting Battery life is a critical factor when considering a smartwatch, and the Gizmore Glow Z performs admirably in this aspect. At times when we used the device with Bluetooth calling and other features, the watch lasted for up to 3 days on a single charge. By disabling video calling, you can extend the battery life even further to an impressive 8-10 days. Considering the device's affordable price point, the extended battery performance is commendable.

Health Features

A Fitness Enthusiast's Companion The Gizmore Glow Z comes equipped with essential health features that cater to fitness enthusiasts. It includes a heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker, and a step counter, allowing you to monitor your physical well-being. The watch also offers various sports modes to accurately track your workouts and activities. 


The affordable and feature-packed new Gizmore Glow Z is undeniably a value-for-money smartwatch considering its Rs 1,799 (on Flipkart, by the time of writing ). Its AMOLED display alone sets it apart from many other devices in the same price range, offering a visually appealing and immersive experience. The inclusion of Bluetooth calling enhances connectivity on the go, while the commendable battery life ensures reliable usage for several days. With its health features, the Gizmore Glow Z proves to be a reliable companion for fitness enthusiasts.

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For those in search of a budget-friendly smartwatch with an excellent display and a decent range of features, the Gizmore Glow Z deserves serious consideration. It strikes an excellent balance between affordability and functionality, making it an attractive option for individuals who want a reliable smartwatch without breaking the bank. With its vibrant AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling, impressive battery life, and health features, the Gizmore Glow Z stands out as an affordable and feature-packed smartwatch in the market.

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