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Evolv28 Review: A futuristic health and wellness wearable, with a lot of scope for improvement

Evolv28 has been designed to enhance the mental and physical well-being of the user, and the main highlight of this device is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Here is our detailed review of the product which looks like a neckband or collar.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: May 27, 2024 12:32 IST
Image Source : INDIA TV Evolv28

Evolv28, a new wellness and health-oriented India wearable has been designed to offer mental and physical well-being, and the main highlight of this wearable is to remove stress and anxiety, by offering an enriching state of mind and health, effortlessly. The neckband-like wearable, (which looks like a collar wearable) was reviewed by our team, and here is our in-depth review and take on the new technology which has been introduced for wellness and health.

India Tv - Evolv28

Image Source : INDIA TVEvolv28

Look, feel and performance

Here, I have to be direct about the built quality of the Evolv28- which is certainly not up to the mark. Although it looks very different from a distance, the plastic quality was bad, with poor finishing. We think the company has a good concept, but the quality is not up to the mark.

Talking about comfort- it is heavy on the neck and shoulders, and wearing it for a longer run is uncomfortable, as per our experience. Our team reviewed the wearable and we all felt the same- it is heavy!

India Tv - Evolv28

Image Source : EVOLV28Evolv28

Also, as suggested by the company, we could wear it while sleeping- I couldn't agree to this as it was not at all comfortable to wear. Hence, it needs a lot of improvement.

Although, the company claims to come with a ‘feather-light’ design, unfortunately, we could not agree to this.

India Tv - Evolv28

Image Source : FILEEvolv28- How does it look?

Overall, though the concept is nice, the product needs a lot of improvements.

Can you sleep better by wearing this?

I could not, to be truthful, as the gadget does not have a clean finish, it might scratch the neck if worn during the night hours while lying down. The new Evolv28 is about easy mental health- it was another part, which needed constant and easy support from the company's customer care, which was lacking. Some guidance and a way through were missing, for the common man, making it tough to decode 'how it works'.

India Tv - Evolv28

Image Source : FILEEvolv28- In the box

The company claims that it will help the user to improve sleep quality further alleviate stress, and foster a harmonious work-life balance- which we could not justify, hence, we are not giving a heads-up for this. 

Benefits of using Evolv28

The device claims to encourage life-affirming practices, nurture mindfulness, and sharpen concentration, which may help in enhancing the moods and emotional well-being of the user. But it took us some time to realise how this wellness product works. The company claims that it works as a shield against dependency on medications or supplements for chronic ailments, promoting a natural path to health.

India Tv - Evolv28

Image Source : INDIA TVEvolv28

While using, it was really hard to understand if the machine was helping us or not- hence, it would have been better to track it via application (some feature, which might tell about how the machine is impacting the user's mental health).

The main USP of the product

Evolv28 comes with several unique selling propositions like- 

  1. Gentle Magnetic Pulses utilizes gentle magnetic pulses which target specific brain areas which are linked to emotional regulation and focus on the fresh method of achieving mindfulness and mental clarity.
  2. Personalized Programs are offered to the user which are designed to meet individual needs. Whether you aim to reduce anxiety or enhance concentration, the product claims to adapt effectively to a diverse range of users, by providing customized solutions for various mental health goals.
  3. Safety and Effectiveness: The use of micro-magnetic pulses ensures both the safety and effectiveness of the device, claims the manufacturers. It has a non-invasive technology which further offers a secure way to enhance mental well-being without the side effects associated with medications.

Application: How to pair and use it?

Evolv28 claims to be beyond basic health-tracking devices which cultivate mindfulness and encourage users to develop life-affirming habits. The device can improve sleep quality and alleviate stress contributing (claims the company), to a balanced work-life dynamic.

India Tv - Evolv28

Image Source : APPEvolv28

It comes with a personalized approach which could be adjusted on the application. It could cater to specific mental health needs, like anxiety reduction or concentration enhancement.

Evolv28's impact on emotional well-being and mood enhancement claims to reduce reliance on medications and supplements for chronic ailments- but we do not claim anything because- while we were reviewing it, we could not feel much impact on our overall health, and it was not comfortable to wear for a longer run (as said by the reviewers, who used the wearable).

India Tv - Evolv28

Image Source : APPEvolv28


Evolv28 is a wellness wearable device which claims to focus on the health and wellness of the user. But there is a lot to improve in the device.

What all we think needed improvement was:

  1. Built quality needs a lot of improvement. It needs to have a smooth finish and be lightweight so that we can use the wearable for a longer wear experience.
  2. Although it has been designed for mental and physical well-being, no claims from the doctor were available in the device’s box, nor any contact detail (besides customer care) was available.
  3. The app needs email validation but it looks unfinished.
  4. I also reached out to the customer care number, which was also slow at resolving the issue.
  5. No doctor in the panel to guide you on how to use the device. Although we have the manual which comes with the box, it does not do the justice.

Hence, for a common man, it is tough to trust a wearable without a doctor’s support. Trust has to be built (with the doctor's insight) which might help to let the user build trust in the product and its usability.

Should you buy it?

This product needs a lot of improvement and at the cost of almost Rs 20,000- this wearable is a shot in the dark. It needs design and built-quality updates, applications have to have doctors on the panel which can guide the user, on how to use the device. Customer service also needs improvement- because if a common man buys a gadget which is equivalent to the cost of any mid-range wearable, then they expect much-enhanced customer service, which has been lacking.

India Tv - Evolv28

Image Source : FILEEvolv28

We hope the company upgrades the device and the next variant will be more user-friendly and easy to understand, with a longer wear experience.


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