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Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen) Review: Premium device, but not for everyone

We reviewed the new Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen) which is available in the market at Rs 13,999, at the time of writing. The device has been designed for premium TV and here is our detailed review to let you know if the device is worth buying.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: August 09, 2023 9:30 IST
Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen): Long-term review
Image Source : AMAZON Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen)

The Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen) stands out as a remarkably smart and convenient addition to Amazon's home product lineup. Combining elements of the Echo speaker and Fire TV Stick, this device elevates the user experience. Enhanced with a mesh body, improved Wi-Fi connectivity, and an octa-core processor, the new model outshines its predecessor. However, the price has gone up by Rs 1,000, now it is available at Rs 13,999, which is higher than the combined cost of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Echo Dot (Rs 6,499 + Rs 5,499).

Here is our long-term review to let you know how the device looks, performs and if it is good to purchase.

Looks and Design

The redesigned Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen) features a sturdy mesh body, a refreshing departure from the glossy finish of its predecessor. While the mesh design is appealing, it does attract dust and debris, making maintenance a consideration, at this price point even. Amazon assures its durability and resistance to stains and tears. The device's size, though not notably larger, accommodates essential ports, including HDMI, USB-A, and ethernet.


Equipped with an octa-core processor and Wi-Fi 6, the Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen) offers improved performance, compared to the predecessor. Apps load faster, scrolling is smoother and the Alexa voice assistant responds promptly. The inclusion of super-resolution upscaling enhances video streaming quality. The device's capabilities shine particularly on 4K TVs with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and HDR support.


The included "new" FireTV remote comes with hotkeys for convenient access to Netflix, Prime Videos, and more. While functional, its plastic build disappoints at this price point. Unfortunately, the device lacks Apple AirPlay support, limiting direct screen mirroring from iPhones.

Price and Value

The Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen) is a valuable investment for those seeking a hands-free TV experience and efficient control of home devices via voice commands. However, it's important to own a 4K TV with compatible audio features for optimal use of the device. The new Fire TV Cube comes with a premium price which might not appeal to everyone, especially considering additional accessory costs like HDMI cables. But certainly, with great quality comes a cost, so at Rs 13,999, the new device is for those who want a premium quality experience. 


The Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen) turns out to be as a superior streaming device, offering a fully hands-free TV experience and seamless integration with Alexa. It's an excellent solution for those with smart TVs lacking processing power. The device has its strengths but might fall short of the latest Apple TV models' performance due to the chipset differences. Future iterations could benefit from adding AirPlay support and refining the user interface.

Overall, the Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen) is a compelling choice for a versatile and convenient streaming experience that can serve you well for years to come.

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