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Fake news alert! Jio and Facebook aren’t offering free 256GB of data

No, Reliance Jio and Facebook aren't giving people free data and you have to stay away from such news

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New Delhi Updated on: May 05, 2020 19:26 IST
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Jio isn't offering free data to anyone

Reliance Jio and Facebook recently signed a deal due to which Jio aims to set its foot in the retail sector with the help of WhatsApp. Following the deal, a new message is making rounds that both Jio and Facebook are offering Jio users with free 256GB of 4G data during the Coronavirus lockdown in the country. However, the news is fake news and here's why you should stay away from the message.

Jio, Facebook offering free data is fake news

It is suggested that a message is being circulated that claims that Jio and Facebook are offering free 256GB of data to Jio users. The message reads, "GOOD NEWS! Jio and Facebook are giving 25GB Data Daily for 6 months to all Jio users due to lockdown of COVID-19. Download this app now." It also has a link for users to open it and install an app.

However, in reality, Jio and Facebook aren't offering any free data to Jio users. In addition to this, the link in the message takes users to an inauthentic website that is based on Weebly's free version. If you receive the message and click on the link, an app going by the name Prime-Offer will be downloaded via the Box.com server. The app acts as as a clone to the MyJio app but crashes often. Since the app isn't a known one, it can prove to be unsafe and can hinder the privacy of a user and indulge in a possible data breach and risk for users.

Therefore, if you come across any such message, avoid opening in and clicking on the link. It's best to remain safe from hoax information and alert others to do the same.

As a reminder, WhatsApp has been working towards curbing fake news. It recently introduced a limit on forwarded messages, following which it has witnessed a 70% drop in forwarded messages on the platform.

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