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Co-WIN Coronavirus Vaccine tracking app available for Android, iPhone: How to download, register

Co-WIN app will now be the official coronavirus vaccine tracking apps for Indian users. The app has been made available to the general public on both Android and iOS. Here's how you can self-register yourself.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 04, 2021 16:26 IST
CoWin Coronavirus Vaccine tracking app
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CoWin Coronavirus Vaccine tracking app available for Android, iPhone: How to download, use

Co-WIN Coronavirus Vaccine tracking app: India is preparing for a massive coronavirus vaccine rollout in the coming months. In a significant move in making the COVID-19 vaccine available to the general public, the Centre has launched a new mobile app called, 'Co-WIN App', through which the users will be able to self-register for the coronavirus vaccine.

Those who will be pre-registered on the app will get the vaccine at the earliest as soon as any vaccination will be launched for use.

What is CoWIN app?

Co-WIN (COVID-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network) is an upgraded version of the eVIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network), and available to download for free on the Play Store. In the first two stages, the government will vaccinate priority groups including frontline workers and emergency workers. People with co-morbidities will get the jab in the third stage. For this, a self-registration process will be required through the Co-WIN app.

To ensure smooth tracking and registration for COVID-19 vaccine, the Co-WIN app is divided into five modules for administrator, registration, vaccination, beneficiary acknowledgement and reports. Once people will start to register for the app, the platform will upload bulk data on co-morbidity provide by the local authorities.

Those who want to get vaccinated will have to apply and provide details under the registration module. In Vaccination module, their details will be verified and beneficiary acknowledgement module will send a certificate to them about their vaccination.

CoWIN app: How to register for vaccine

  • Citizens who are not frontline health workers will be able to register for the vaccine via the registration module on the CoWin app which can be downloaded from Google play store or the Apple app store. However, it is to be noted that the application is yet to be launched.
  • Twelve photo-identity documents, including Voter ID, Aadhar card, driving license, passport and pension document, will be required for self-registration on the Co-WIN website, the Centre had stated in the guidelines.
  • Following online registration, beneficiary will receive SMS on their registered mobile number on the due date, place and time of vaccination.

Here's all you need to know about CoWIN App

  • CoWIN app will be useful for all those engaged in the process — administrators, vaccinators and people who are going to receive these vaccine shots.
  • The Centre will be vaccinating priority groups in the first two phases: frontline workers including all healthcare professionals in the first stage and emergency workers in the second stage. While the data of these people are already being compiled by the state governments, from the third stage onwards where people with co-morbidity will be given vaccines, self-registration will be introduced. And that will happen through the Co-WIN app.
  • There are five modules in Co-WIN app: Administrator module, registration module, vaccination module, beneficiary acknowledgement module and report module. Reports said each vaccination will take at least 30 minutes and only 100 people will be administered in each session.
  • The administrator module is for the administrators who will be conducting these vaccination sessions. Through this module, they can create sessions and the respective vaccinators and managers will be notified.
  • Registration module is for people to get registered for vaccination. It will upload bulk data on co-morbidity provided by local authorities or by surveyors.
  • The vaccination module will verify beneficiary details and update vaccination status.
  • Beneficiary acknowledgment module will send SMS to beneficiaries. It will also generate QR-based certificates after one gets vaccinated.
  • Report module will prepare reports of how many vaccine sessions have been conducted, how many people have attended those, how many people have dropped out etc.
  • The app will also send real-time data of the temperature of the cold-storage units to the main server.

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