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Highlights, India vs New Zealand, 3rd T20I: Rohit Sharma stars in dramatic Super Over as India clinch series

Team India registered a thrilling victory in the third T20I via a Super Over to clinch the five-match series in Hamilton. It was another Super Over heartbreak for the Kiwis as Kane Williamson's splendid 95-run knock couldn't steer the side to victory in the game.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 29, 2020 16:26 IST
India vs New Zealand, 3rd T20I: Rohit Sharma stars in dramatic Super Over as India clinch series
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India vs New Zealand, 3rd T20I: Rohit Sharma stars in dramatic Super Over as India clinch series

India vs New Zealand, 3rd T20I: Hello and welcome to our coverage of India vs New Zealand 3rd T20I match from Hamilton. Team India will aim to continue their rich vein of form and seal their first-ever T20I series win in New Zealand when they take on the Black Caps in the third match at the Seddon Park on Wednesday. The visitors dominated New Zealand in all the departments in the two games played so far. In the first match, India chased down the 204-run target with utmost ease, showing their batting depth whereas in the second T20I, it was the bowlers of the Indian team who restricted the Black Caps to a below-par total of 132/5 at the Eden Park, which the Men in Blue again chased down without breaking much sweat. Here you will get IND vs NZ live cricket IND vs NZ cricket score India live score and ball-by-ball commentary of IND vs NZ match  (Stream IND vs NZ) (Scorecard)

India beat New Zealand in Super Over

16.21 IST: BALL 6 - SIX and Rohit Sharma wins it for India on the last ball

16.20 IST: BALL 5 - IN THE AIR and It's a SIX! It was in the slot and HITMAN smashes it for a six, INDIA need 4 off the last bal

16.19 IST: BALL 4 - Excellent stuff from Southee as he follows the batsman as Rahul manages only a single

16.18 IST: BALL 3 - CLASS from KL RAHUL as he makes room for himself and glances the ball through backward square leg for a boundary

16.17 IST: BALL 2 - Good bowling from Southee as he bowls a slower one and Rohit again missed the connection and runs a single

16.15 IST: BALL 1: Poor keeping from Seifert as he didn't collect it properly as Rohit runs two

* Southee to bowl for New Zealand as Regular Indian openers KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma to bat for the visitors

16.10 IST: BALL 6 - In the slot and Guptill drags the ball into the gap for a boundary.

16.09 IST: BALL 5 - Good ball from Bumrah as Williamson only manages a single

16.08 IST: BALL 4 - In the slot again as Williamson hits the ball in the air and it lands in the gap for a boundary.

16.08 IST: BALL 3 - Williamson drags the ball for a  six as Jasprit Bumrah misery continues against Kane.

16.07 IST: BALL 2 - FULL TOSS and Guptill didn't connect it properly and runs a quick single

16.06 IST: BALL 1 - Kane flicks the ball in mid-wicket to takes a quick single

16.03 IST: Bumrah to bowl the super over for India as Guptill and Williamson to bat for the hosts

15.58 IST: Shami to Taylor, OUT! ANTI CLIMAX as Shami runs through Taylor.  India (179/5) tie against New Zealand (179/6). Result to be decided via Super Over. Williamson 95, Shardul 2/21

15.53 IST: Shami to Williamson, OUT! Some twist in the tale as New Zealand now need 2 runs off 3 balls.

15.50 IST: Bumrah to Williamson, FOUR! On the pads and Kane plays it fine for another boundary.

15.49 IST: Bumrah to Williamson, FOUR! Kane shuffles to flick the ball over mid-wicket for a boundary.

15.46 IST: Chahal to Taylor, Single! Excellent tight over from the leggies as New Zealand now need 20 off 12

15.38 IST: Bumrah to Williamson, FOUR! Back to Back boundaries for King Kane as New Zealand favourites in the chase right now.

15.34 IST: Shardul to Collin, OUT! Thick edge and Thakur gets his second as Dube takes a sitter.

15.31 IST: Shardul to Williamson, SIX! The batsman makes a room for himself and launches the ball in the air for a maximum.

15.28 IST: Jadeja to Williamson, SIX! Short this time and pulled away for a six. Two in two from the Kiwi captain.

15.27 IST: Jadeja to Williamson, SIX! Pitched up and smacked straight over Jadeja's head for a six. This is excellent batting from the New Zealand captain.

15.25 IST: Shami to Willimson, FOUR! Short and slow and Williamson pulls it for a boundary. Also brings up his 11th T20I fifty in the process. Game on here.

15.23 IST: Shami to Williamson, SIX! Short and wide and Williamson cuts it over deep point for a maximum.

15.19 IST: Chahal to Williamson  SIX! Full and Williamson sweeps it for a maximum. Just clears the fence.

15.10 IST: Colin de Grandhomme into the middle.

15.10 IST: Chahal to Santner, OUT! Straight delivery and there is no footwork from Santner and the ball crashes on to the stumps. Good comeback from Chahal after the two boundaries. NZ lose their third wicket.

15.07 IST: Chahal to Williamson, FOUR! Short and Williamson rocks back on to his back foot and pulls it through mid-wicket. Shivam Dube gets there but a misfield results in another boundary.

15.07 IST: Chahal to Williamson, FOUR! Short delivery and pulled away for a boundary. Misfield from Shami results in two extra runs.

15.07 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal back on into the attack.

15.04 IST: Bumrah to Williamson, FOUR! What a shot! Around the waist height and on the fourth stump line and the Kiwi captain just nudges it and the ball races away to the boundary.

15.04 IST: Bumrah to Guptill, DROPPED! Slower ball and gets a leading edge off Santner's bat and Jadeja runs after it but it pops out of his hands and Santner has another life.

14.57 IST: Dube to Williamson, SIX! Down the leg side and Williamson shuffles to his right, gets down on one knee and picks it up over deep square leg for a maximum.

14.55 IST: Dube to Santner, FOUR! Short and slow and Santner pulls it in front of square for a boundary.

14.55 IST: Shivam Dube introduced into the attack.

14.51 IST: Interesting from the Kiwis. Mitchell Santner has walked in at No.4

14.51 IST: Jadeja to Munro, OUT! Munro dances down the track and takes a wild heave at it but misses it completely and KL Rahul does the rest behind the stumps and completes an easy stumping. Both openers fall.

14.50 IST: Ravindra Jadeja into the attack.

14.47 IST: Thakur to Munro, FOUR BYES!

14.45 IST: Thakur to Guptill, OUT!
Short and wide and Guptill throws his arms at it but hits it straight to the fielder at deep cover. Sanju Samson takes a good low catch to send Guptill packing. NZ lose their first wicket.

14.45 IST: Thakur to Guptill, FOUR!

14.40 IST: Chahal to Guptill, FOUR!
Cheeky from Guptill and it was over the slip for a boundary.

14.39 IST: Chahal to Munro, FOUR! On the pads and Munro sweeps it cleanly for a boundary to welcome Chahal into the attack.

14.33 IST: Shami to Munro, FOUR! Thick edge and the ball flies over backward point for a boundary.

14.29 IST: Bumrah to Guptill, SIX! Short ball and Guptill decides to go cheeky and plays the lap shot for a maximum.

14.27 IST: Bumrah to Guptill, SIX! Over third man area for a maximum.

14.15 IST: Shardul to Guptill, SIX! Biggie, in the third tier as Guptill, picks the length pretty well and launches the ball in the air to dispatch it for a maximum.

* NZ openers are back for the chase

13.58 IST: Southee to Jadeja, BYES! A quick single from byes as  India 179/5 in 20 overs against New Zealand in Hamilton. Rohit 65, Kohli 38, Bennett 3/54

13.57 IST: Southee to Jadeja, SIX! Powered it over extra cover for a maximum

13.55 IST: Southee to Pandey, SIX! It was a knuckle-ball and Pandey dispatches it in the air over long-on for a biggie.

13.52 IST: Bennett to Kohli, OUT! In the air and Kohli departs for 38 as Southee takes a brilliant catch and  India lose fourth wicket.

13.49 IST: Bennett to Pandey, FOUR! Pandey finds the gap with total ease and dispatches the ball through extra cover for a boundary.

13.42 IST: Santner to Iyer, OUT! Iyer steps out of the line and paid the big prize as Seifert didn't waste time to destroy the stumps.

13.40 IST: Santner to Iyer, SIX! Right in the slot and Iyer launches it straight for a maximum.

13.36 IST: Santner to Kohli, FOUR! Full toss and Kohli smashes it hard in the gap for a four through mid-wicket.

13.34 IST: Santner to Kohli, SIX! In the slot and Kohli chooses to hit over the shorter boundary with the turn over covers for a maximum.

13.30 IST: Sodhi to Kohli, FOUR! On the pads and Kohli sweeps it fine for a boundary.

13.22 IST: Bennett to Dube, OUT! Dube's misery over as Bennett strikes twice in a single over as India lose their third wicket

13.20 IST: Bennett to Rohit, OUT! In the air and Rohit joins Rahul in the pavilion.

* Shivam Dube comes in at no 3

13.10 IST: Colin to Rahul, OUT! Rahul tries to make some room for himself but finds the fielder inside the circle as India lose their first wicket.

13.08 IST: Colin to Rohit, FOUR! Rohit slashes the ball the hard and a thick outside edge results into a boundary.

13.02 IST: Sodhi to Rahul, SIX! KL Rahul joins the party as he slammed the ball straight down the ground for a maximum.

13.00 IST: Bennett to Rohit, SIX! In the air and SIX! The connection was not that strong but the ball sails over the rope and Rohit reaches his 20th fifty in T20I cricket.

12.58 IST: Bennett to Rohit, FOUR! The bowler attempted the wide yorker and Rohit just guides the ball for a boundary.

12.56 IST: Bennett to Rohit, SIX! Back to Back sixes for HITMAN, this time over long-off for a biggie. Rohit looks comfortable here, after back to back low scores in the first two matches.

12.55 IST: Bennett to Rohit, SIX! In the slot and Rohit sails the ball into the crowd over the backward-square leg.

12.51 IST: Santner to Rohit, FOUR! The ball was low and Rohit guides the ball for another boundary.

12.45 IST: Kuggeleijn to Rohit, FOUR! Edged and the ball races away for a boundary. It was a great delivery but no slip in place cost the bowler hard.

12.43 IST: Southee to Rahul, FOUR! The batsman makes a little bit of room and plays a lap shot to send the ball for a boundary.

12.37 IST: Bennett to Rahul, SIX! Over third man and What A Shot that was! He slashed the ball and the ball clears the boundary rope in a flash.

12.32 IST: Southee to Rohit, FOUR! Little bit of room and Rohit cuts it hard and there was no chance for the backward square leg to stop that one.

* Southee to bowl the first over

12.29 IST: Indian openers KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma enters the ground

12.28 IST: Umpires are out on the field

12.08 IST: Playing XI of both the teams are out

India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma, Lokesh Rahul(w), Virat Kohli(c), Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

New Zealand (Playing XI): Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson(c), Colin de Grandhomme, Ross Taylor, Tim Seifert(w), Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Scott Kuggeleijn, Ish Sodhi, Hamish Bennett

12.01 IST: New Zealand win the toss and opt to bowl against India in Hamilton

10.50 IST: Team India is all geared up to seal the series.


Match Preview: A ruthless India are expected to seal their maiden T20 International series win in New Zealand and only a special comeback from the struggling hosts in the third game here on Wednesday can delay what seems inevitable. India won the twin T20 Internationals in Auckland by margins of six and seven wickets respectively to go 2-0 up in the five-match series. (Full Match Preview)

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