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Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0: PM Modi guides students on how to deal with exam-related stress | Top quotes

Through the event, the prime minister held discussions with not just students, but also with their parents and teachers.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 29, 2019 13:17 IST
Pariksha Pe Charcha
Image Source : INDIA TV

PM Narendra Modi holds 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' 2.0

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday interacted with 2,000 students from high school to college at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium. Through the programme ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’, the prime minister held discussions with not just students, but also with their parents and teachers, on the ways to deal with exam related stress.

Last year, the same event saw the participation of just the students from Delhi-NCR. However, this year, students from all over India as well as Indian students residing abroad, including in Russia, Nigeria, Iran, Nepal, Doha, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Singapore participated.  

Here are the highlights of what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during the event:

  • This programme is an effort to hold conversation with those who are in direct touch with the students preparing for exams
  • Townhall is a mini-India. It is also a place where we have in our midst the future of India. I am happy that parents and teachers too are a part of the event
  • For me this programme is not a medium to preach anyone, be it teachers or students
  • Exams hold a lot of relevance and I cannot advise you to not be serious about it. But, we need to understand that this examination is not for life, it is just for class 10th or 12th
  • There is also a life outside our exams, struggle is an important part of our life as it prepares us better

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  • I would request parents to not expect your children to fulfill your unfulfilled dreams. Every child has his or her own potential and strengths, it is important to understand these positives of every child
  • Parents, at some point of time, stop guarding their children and this is where they go wrong. They should look at their children the same throughout their life
  • Expectations are essential, we can't be living in an atmosphere of despair and unhappiness. When people have aspirations from a person, it is good
  • To parents I would say that they should keep expectations, but should not create a pressure about it over the child
  • Through the report cards of their children, parents try to make a respectable position in their social circle. Though they do not intend to create a pressure, but they do so by doing it
  • I hope parents do not make the report card of their children their own visiting cards, because if that is the aim then the expectations from children become unreal
  • I will not say exposure to technology is a bad thing for students. It is good students are getting acquainted with new technology
  • Technology should lead to expansion of the mind and as a means to innovate
  • The PlayStation is good but never forget the playing field
  • The aim should be at a distance, but in reach
  • Your aim should be big and should be able to drag you towards it
  • You should work on your shortcomings if you are unable to achieve your aim in a single attempt
  • As far as time management is concerned, anyone who says they are too busy to do something, are lying
  • Time management is on our own and we can do it very easily
  • If you notice, those who smile while doing their work are the ones who have managed their time well and are not running short of it
  • Exams are not bad, it all depends on how we look at it
  • We all have energy but use it only when required. Exams give you the strength and opportunity to examine your own capabilities
  • Clarity of thought and conviction are essential. Yes, science and Maths are essential but there are other subjects too worth exploring. There are opportunities in so many areas now
  • The positive attitude of parents becomes a strength for their children
  • Our learning cannot be reduced to exams only. Our education must equip us to face various challenges of life as well
  • In a nation like ours, the subject of depression is very worrying. Our culture has mechanisms to cope with this. The more we talk openly about aspects relating to depression and mental health, it is better. We must always express, never suppress
  • A person does not always get depressed all of a sudden. There are signs that show a person is heading into depression. Ignoring these signs is not a good idea. On the contrary, we must talk about this
  • Counselling is not bad thing. Talking about one’s problems is very good

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