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Streetwear Fashion: 5 top trends to watch out for this season

Regardless of whether you prefer the layering game or the casual-core appeal, the key is to be yourself and allow your clothing to speak for you. Feel free to try out new things, move out of your comfort zone, and become a trendsetter yourself.

Written By : India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By : Kristina Das
New Delhi
Published on: December 01, 2023 14:24 IST
streetwear trends
Image Source : FREEPIK Top streetwear trends to watch out for this season.

The newest streetwear designs that grace the busy metropolitan streets are all the rage in the fashion business. The best fashion show is on the streets. It always has been and always will be. The streets are already echoing the fashion runways' with everything from vast ensembles to the tiniest of shorts. 

Speaking on streetwear fashion, Sahil Nandal, Co-Founder of Free Society, have explained the top five streetwear trends for this season.

Oversized Fashion: Casual yet classy

Get ready for the ‘over-oversized’ trend's comeback, where design resonates with comfort. By transforming runway extravaganzas into approachable street styles, brands like Vetements have taken the lead in this movement. Currently, it is all about embracing the roomier and more casual side of fashion, so say goodbye to tight-fitting styles. Consider voluminous coats, giant hoodies, and chunky sweaters that will wrap you in warmth and fashion at the same time. The latest runway style not only expands the limits of what is acceptable, but it provides wearers with more freedom and ease in how they express themselves.

Short-Shorts: Enjoy the Briefness

Short-shorts are stealing the spotlight, right from Troye Sivan to other prominent designers like Hed Mayner, Givenchy, and Kenzo. These tiny miracles are breaking into global fashion circles with their daring cuts and daring styling. This trend is all about self-assurance and confidence as it exposes some skin while letting you show off your personality in a flamboyant way. Don't be shy and let your legs do the talking.

Layering: Where style and comfort coexist 

Winter will soon be here. Layering is a fashion necessity for people who are fashionable and believe in the concept of: 'you can never have enough'. The sky's the limit when it comes to trying out balaclavas, overcoats skirts, scarves, and shawls. Fashion enthusiasts are blending various elements to create intriguing ensembles, which has propelled a creative explosion in the streetwear industry. Layering is a practical approach to remaining warm during winter as well as a statement of fashion, exhibiting that style and comfort can coexist. 

Casual-Core / Normcore: Less effort, more style 

The era of dressing up to impress everyone is long gone. The recent development of normcore and casual-core illustrates that casual grace is where the trend is moving towards. Companies like Birkenstock and New Balance are leading at the forefront with their comfy and adaptable designs. It's all about flaunting your look as effortless, carefree, yet highly stylish.

Must-haves for every Sneakerhead 

There is one brand of shoes that continues to uphold its supremacy, Air Jordans. Air Jordans have strengthened their position as the premier option for streetwear enthusiasts regardless of whether you are a die-hard sneakerhead or just want to opt for a comfy and trendy pair of kicks. The brand has become a go-to choice for completing any urban look because of its timeless styles and close affiliation with street culture. It's time to lace up your Jordans and hit the streets in style if one hasn't already. 

As these five streetwear trends take centre stage, creativity and self-expression are flourishing on the streets. There are plenty of options, from lounging in comfy loose apparel to flashing your shorts. 

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