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Chaniya cholis, indo-western to sarees: 9 Navratri outfit ideas for stunning Garba & dandiya nights

Confused, which outfit to go for this Navratri? Unsure whether to opt for the classic Navratri lehenga or traditional Garba dress? Look no further! We are here with the best Navratri outfit ideas that you simply can't miss! Dive into uncovering the latest trends and fashion tips.

Ridhi Suri Written By: Ridhi Suri @SuriRidhi New Delhi Updated on: October 20, 2023 13:00 IST
Garba & dandiya nights
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Outfit ideas for stunning Garba & dandiya nights

Garba, a traditional dance form originating from the state of Gujarat in India, is often performed during the festival of Navratri. During this vibrant and joyous celebration, participants adorn themselves in colourful and intricate traditional attire. While several have different definitions when it comes to fashion for Garba, many love to wear chaniya cholis, lehengas and sarees for the festive celebrations. Yes, ethnics are an essential part of the ensemble, adding to the beauty and elegance of the dance.

These dresses are characterised by their vivid colours, mirror work, and detailed embroidery, which showcase the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat. The chaniya, a flared skirt usually adorned with vibrant patterns and embroidery, is paired with a choli, a fitted blouse that complements the intricacies of the skirt. Additionally, a dupatta, a long scarf, is often draped gracefully to complete the outfit. These are typically made from rich and breathable fabrics such as cotton, silk, or georgette, ensuring comfort and ease of movement during the energetic dance performances. They are designed to reflect the exuberance and liveliness of the festival, with bright hues like vibrant yellows, pinks, greens, and blues dominating the colour palette.

Over time, traditional Garba dresses have evolved, incorporating modern elements while retaining their cultural significance. Contemporary designs may feature innovative cuts, trendy silhouettes, and fusion elements mixed with modernity. Let's take a look at there Garba dresses.

1- Chaniya cholis

2- Tie n Dye

3- Saree

4- Indo-western outfits

5- Floor-length suits

6- Gotaa-patti Plazo-suits

India Tv - Gotaa patti

Image Source : FILE IMAGEGotaa patti work dresses

7- Sharara and Gararas

India Tv - Sharara Suit

Image Source : FILE IMAGESharara Suit

8- Flared dresses

9- Brocade Print Dresses

India Tv - brocade print dresses

Image Source : FILE IMAGEbrocade print dresses

Whether worn during dance performances or festive gatherings, these dresses continue to be an integral part of the rich cultural tapestry of Gujarat and contribute to the beauty and vibrancy of Indian traditional wear.

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