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Curry leaves for hair health: Know how to use easy-to-get herb to fight dandruff problems

Hair fall is one of the major issues that both men and women face. But did you know that curry leaves, apart from being very flavourful and aromatic herbs, also assist in fighting dandruff?

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: February 04, 2023 13:03 IST
curry leaves and hair growth
Image Source : FREEPIK Did you know that curry leaves assist in hair growth?

Curry leaves are one of the most diverse and flavourful herbs that are grown and used in India. In some cultures, especially in the Southern states of India, no savoury dish is complete without the tempering of curry leaves. If you have smelled curry leaves while they are being used in cooking, you will never forget their strong aroma. But did you know that apart from imparting taste to dishes, curry leaves also help with hair health by helping fight dandruff? Let's find out its many benefits for hair health. 

The problem of dandruff in winter season

Dandruff starts accumulating in the hair during the winter season. This leads to hair fall. In the cold weather, the hair is not cleaned properly. Dandruff increases in our hair, due to which the hair gradually starts becoming weak. Due to the increase in dandruff, the problem of burning and itching in the scalp increases. In such a situation, curry leaves are very beneficial in getting rid of stubborn dandruff.

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Benefits of curry leaves

Protein, vitamin, iron and many such important elements are found in curry leaves. They help with hair growth and make them strong. Curry leaves make the hair long and thick by providing nutrients to the hair. You can use curry leaves in simple ways for good hair growth.

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Curry leaves and coconut oil

Use curry leaves with coconut oil to fight dandruff problem in winter. This will give you relief. Take coconut oil in a pan and add 15-20 curry leaves to it. Heat it well. Now let the mixture cool down and then massage it on your scalp. Massage it for about 10 minutes and then wash your head with shampoo after about 1 hour.

Curry leaves and camphor

Both curry leaves and camphor have antifungal properties and it helps in removing dandruff. In this method, you have to grind 10-15 curry leaves. Now, add camphor oil to it. Mix both well and then apply on your hair. Try this mixture in your hair for a few days, you will get rid of dandruff. 





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