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Bigg Boss 16: Ex- contestants Ankit Gupta and Gautam Vig to reunite in new TV show Junooniyat | Watch video

After Bigg Boss 16, Gautam Singh Vig and Ankit Gupta are set to reunite in an upcoming TV show titled Junooniyat.

Aparupa Devnath Written By: Aparupa Devnath New Delhi Updated on: January 16, 2023 19:48 IST
Bigg Boss 16
Image Source : TWITTER/@ISHNAPECHACHA Stills of Ankit Gupta and Gautam Vig from the Bigg Boss 16

After Bigg Boss 16, ex-contestants Ankit Gupta and Gautam Vig are all set to entertain us with their upcoming show 'Junooniyat'. Set in Punjab, Junooniyat’s story revolves around Ilahi, Jahaan, and Jordan. The makers have released a three-part promo where the main characters talk about a music competition, and why they want to win it. Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey’s production house, Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt Ltd, is back with another new show. 

Ankit Gupta, who played the role of Fateh in the drama series 'Udaariyaan', has become a household name. Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chaher Choudary will fondly be remembered as Fateh and Tejo. Their love story is definitely epic but it does get a bitter-sweet happy ending.

The first promo shared by the team features Neha Rana which starts with her melodious voice and she is heard saying that her mother had to leave their house because she wanted to sing, and now that talent will bring her back to the house. She participates in a competition, believing that if she wins it, her mother will come back.

The second promo features Gautam Singh Vig who is playing the character of Jordan. A rich brat who wants to make a name for himself in the singing field, but his dad believes that there are so many singers like him out there, however, Jordan feels that no one is as passionate as he is. He participates in a competition thinking he will prove his dad wrong.

The third promo is Ankit Gupta’s Jahaan. His entry is quite filmy as it is shot in between the mustard fields. He calls his words his strength and his voice his belief. He is certain that by winning the competition he will get the respect that his parents’ lost because of some situation.

Ankit’s reunion with fellow Bigg Boss 16 contestants has surely excited the fans. While not much is revealed about the plot of the show, it looks like a love triangle but we can only know more once the show goes live.


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