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Bigg Boss 12 December 8 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Jasleen Matharu, Megha Dhade get eliminated

Salman Khan announced Jasleen Matharu and Megha Dhade eviction during the double eviction episode.

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New Delhi Updated on: December 08, 2018 22:24 IST
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Bigg Boss 12 December 8 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Jasleen Matharu, Megha Dhade get eliminated

As Bigg Boss season 12 is nearing towards its finale, the suspense in the episodes is increasing day by day. The show host Salman Khan in yesterday’s episode scolded Surbhi, Rohit, Romil and other housemates for their aggressive behavior in the house. In tonight’s double eviction episode Jasleen Matharu and Megha Dhade got eliminated. Salman announced that is the family week and tonight Sreesanth's wife, Karanvir's wife and Surbhi's brother visited the house to support their family members. 

Bigg Boss 12 December 8 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights:

10:11 PM: Salman announces about the family week episodes. 

9:58 PM: Jasleen and Megha get eliminated during the double eviction. Housemates get emotional. Deepak gets emotional and dedicates a song to Jasleen and Megha. 

9:40 PM: Family members enter the Bigg Boss 12 house. Salman asks the housemates to begin the nomination task. Jasleen, Megha and Romil are in the bottom 3.

9:31 PM: Sreesanth wife, Karanvir's wife, and Surbhi's brother enter the Bigg Boss 12 show to support them. Sreesanth's wife blames Surbhi of instigating other housemates for fight. Sreesanth's wife blames Surbhi for provoking others in the house. Sreesanth's wife clarifies that Sree and Harbhajan are good friends. Surbhi's brother supports her and said that his sister is an honest girl. Karanvir's wife also blames Surbhi for provoking others for all the fight. 

9:30 PM: Jasleen defeats Somi in the Sultani Akhada round and becomes the winner.

9:23 PM: Dipika blames Karanvir for getting aggressive in any task. Salman asks Jasleen and Somi for the Sultani akhada round. 

9:17 PM: Riteish plays a few interesting games with the housemates. He plays the role of a cop in the house and announces the name of the contestant for punishment depending on their mischievous activities in the house. Riteish announces Romil's name for punishment.  He then bids goodbye to all the housemates and leaves the house.

9:12 PM: Riteish enters the Bigg Boss 12 house and meets the contestants. He briefs up about his upcoming Marathi film Mauli and interacts with the housemates.

9:06 PM: Riteish promotes his Marathi film Mauli on Bigg Boss 12 show. Salman plays a quiz with Riteish. 

9:00 PM: Salman Khan welcomes Riteish Deshmukh on Bigg Boss 12 stage. 

8: 57 PM: 

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